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In previous G2Gs we all had nominations/voted for something, i.e. I was voted "most patriotic attendee" at G2G4.

Did you guys do anything like this after we had left? Or should we nominate everyone for something now?


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Twinmum and Mairead for most entertaining crate stack - clinging onto each other for dear life... three crates off the ground

Lynz and Becca for quite possibly the longest time ever crate stacking in one go (they were up there for at least 30 mins)

KB for her 'interesting' climbing manoeuvres, involving Fuzz

TJ for best laugh

And to Gilly and the service team for putting up with us all at the camp fire!


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I'll second TJ for the most entertaining laugh

Yorkie67 for Geocache Leader

Jellycan for best G2G catering

Fuzz, ScareyClarey, Becca and GuidingKB for their entertaining climbing at the high ropes

Err776 for best archer


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TJ for the best laugh!

Scotchmi5t for the longest journey! Left camp at 9.30amish got home at 10.30pmish!!!!

Gilly and the service team for the campfire.


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I forgot to get the voting sorted in my worry of what to feed you with.

Thanks Guys, I didn't do all of the cooking though, I did have help.
Yorkie definitely for the daftest question.
Wren and Osprey may have to have a joint one for keeping the chef sane and keeping her tea cup topped up.


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Zeberdee gets the award for most amusing person to going shopping with.
PudseyBear for being the most persistent person to ask to help in the kitchen.


I seem to have missed this one - what was the question? :)
no, you don't want to hear that question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was tipsy and wasn't thinking!!!! :) :)

Jellycan for the catering along with Mazi too!

Well everyone deserve a nomination for being good!!!! and sharing the fun and laughter too!!! :)


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I think Fuzz should win the award for being the best person to climb on!! I wouldn't have been able to get up to the next rung without using her shoulder as a step!!!