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Notes for Schools looking for girls


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Has anyone got a little note or postcard that I could pinch, was asked by the local primary school about putting something in bags this week, so busy planning pack holiday, completely forgot until today that I needed to do it. (I asked ages ago if we could!!!)

Would be very grateful


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You can get them free from Girlguidingshop (trading) in packs of 50. If you want to personalise them with your own unit you could use sticky labels or similar as there is no space on them for local details. (I'm assuming it is you looking for more girls, not the school as implied in the title :) )
6906 - Rainbows Postcards (50pk)
6907 - Brownie Postcards (50pk)
6908 - Guides Postcards (50pk)
6909 - The Senior Section Postcards (50pk)
6979 - Volunteer Postcards (50pk)


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Thanks I have ordered some from trading but was looking for something this week really.

Yeah sorry about the title, just couldn't think how to word it !!!!!


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the trading postcards are really quite nice, but they don't have the direct link to join us on them to make it easy for parents to know how to join us!

I've seen others add their own sticky label with the join us link/freephone link and unit name (or just glue on printed off piece of paper)


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We made some A5 flyers with the Brownies logo at the top and meeting info and how to join at the bottom, then asked the girls to draw a picture of a Brownie having fun in the middle.


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We used this when we wanted to get some new Guides, we had to be really careful with the phrasing because Rainbows and Brownies were full to bursting! The unit got loads of enquiries from it, we put it in 1 primary, 2 junior school and 1 secondary school newsletter. Might be helpful if you amend for your needs?

X Guides currently have spaces for new Guides. Guides are girls aged 10 to 14 who are given the chance to explore their individual skills and abilities and try out new challenges as part of a team. Girls can get involved in anything from adventure sports to performing arts, travel and taking part in community action projects.
If you would like to come and try an evening to see if you'd like to join us, please call NUMBER to find out more.