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notsure waht to do


rainbow gic and guide al
hopefully in the right bit since it is all (guiding and college)

i have woke up wiht a terrible headache due to stress for an exam tomorrow feeling rubbish cause i have not studied that much due to placement, work and guiding.

and really not feeling great. have just been crying since i got this headache and feeling really really sick and dont want to go to work but i have to cause wee sis wont work cause she worked last week and is a lazy bum.

m now just getting getting really worried about this exam tomorrow casue fel really really rubbish and now my glasses are half broken cause i sat on them

m just glad that i cancelled rainbows this week
but i just feel like abig hug from someones


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Have some more cyber hugs.

Sometimes everything does just feel too much. hopefully once you have got through the edxam you will feel a bit of pressure gone and be able to see more clearly.

You might find that looking at different ways to deal with stress / anxiety would help - for example some time managent / planning, meditation etc - there are some good books and websites that can help with this sometimes, or lots of people on here who have been there and are able to offer some help.


YL at Guides & Rainbows, Senior Section
maybe get an early night tonight and do a little more revision first thing in the morning - it might give you a bit of a boost? Also perhaps ask your boss if you could go home early as you are feeling ill? x


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Hugs! Hope your glasses are useable at least until you get them fixed. Hope you are feeling better soon!


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*Hugs* It's no fun when everything gets on top of you and other people won't help you out.

I recommend a warm milky drink - hot chocolate or horlicks - before you go to bed. That should help you get a good night's sleep, which in turn should help you feel a bit better tomorrow.

Good luck with the exam.


Brown Owl (Brownie Leader)
(((((((hugs))))))) - and deep breaths!

do your best - it's all you can ever do!

take care now