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Octant activities


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Looking for a few ideas please.

We are having a night in a few weeks at Rangers based around look wider to show what it is and get people into doing it a bit as we have lots of new SS come to join us all of a sudden. I am looking for some short activities which could be done in the meeting place. The idea is to have 8 bases which they can rotate around (one for each octant) with a small activity on each.. I have some already but if anybody has any ideas for the ones below I would be very grateful!

Leadership (This one is the one i'm most stuck with!)
Personal Values
Independent Living

Thank you! :)


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Personal values: a quiz that shows which political party you most agree with (you can find these online)
Independent living: how to sew a button on; a quiz about those funny laundry signs you find in clothes; some driving theory questions
Leadership: create a dance routine to a song and each girl has to choreograph 8 bars; lead a song at a campfire


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Leadership - maybe not a quick activity but how about a short debate, give a scenario and two opposing views. Say building a new supermarket and each side has to debate either for or against, add in certain information which they can't disclose to the other side such as the council are buying the existing site, or the proposed site is also available for a new factory creating more jobs...

The crux is to get them to construct their argument convincingly but being able to keep a secret.

How often as leaders have we changed patrols or done an activity because a particular girl has an issue that no one else knows about, or done something because we have to but we don't like or agree with it...

Independant Living - reading a bus or train timetable (without using the internet) plan a journey from A to B...


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a quiz about those funny laundry signs you find in clothes
I've done laundry signs bingo with my guides for independent living badge which was fun. They could plan a menu to a budget based on a pre-done price list.
Leadership could be a puzzle trying to organise a rota for camp activities- fit in duties, meal times, activities, people having to leave early or arrive late...


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Oh - I like this thread. What did you have for the other Octants? I was going to do something about introducing LW this Wed too.

Jade T-dar

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There's quite a lot about relaxation/stress management, Me in Mind activities count towards LW. Perhaps one base could be pilates/yoga moves! Writing down things that make you feel stressed/make you feel calm. Think these would count towards personal values.

My Rangers are having a relaxation night this week, using camp mats as yoga mats, tealight candles, relaxation music etc and doing some of the me in mind activities. I make sure they plan the meeting themselves so it counts towards 'plan and run a meeting' in the leadership octant. :)


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I introduced lookwider once we had done a number of the phase 1s without them knowing - once they realised how simply they could get the phase 1 of each octant they were a lot more enthused and motivated to get started on phase 2/3