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Official Info: OFFICIAL DATE - 1st - 3rd Oct


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Hi everyone following the Poll, which was inconclusive, I think it is best to keep the date on the 1st to the 3rd so it does not start to clash with the end of centenary celebrations. I am so sorry that some people are unable to make it and it will be such a shame
For everyone who has paid, please ensure that this date is Ok!


just fuzz =D
hehe, oops - i am not in t'other half's good books. it's our five year anniversary today and i'll be going the wrong way along the M4! =S


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oopsy, apolagises to fuzz's other half for stealing fuzz for the weekend. We will do out bestest to hand you back in one piece!



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Have a great time everyone :) sorry I couldn't make it in the end :( I'm sad not to be there but I wouldn't be great company anyway - mostly doing impressions of beached whales on the sofa at the minute! And a work trip into London on Wednesday convinced me that I need to stop and take it easy...

Anyway, I hope you have a fabulous weekend and I look forward to hearing all about it...


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Oh Bryony - do you have a copy of the photo I sent you for Brownsea? If you do, please can you send it to Dizzy?
Im not in work today so can't access it!


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Right, I'm braving the rain (it's slightly less monsoon like - hopefully it'll stay that way for the next 5 mins whilst I bring the car up for loading), and heading off.

See you all in a few hours!