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Old (current) Guide uniform for sale


Guide Guider and District Commissioner
I have the following old-style Guide uniform for sale, individually or as a job-lot. Might be useful to a unit that has decided to continue with the old-style for the time being. I am charging full price as that is what I paid for it and it is the unit’s money. Postage will be charged at cost or free if you spend over £30.

New, unused, tagged and bagged:
Striped polo shirts: 1 x 30”, 1 x 32”, 1 x 34”. £12.50 each
Navy polo shirts: 1 x 34”, 1 x 36”. £10 each
Gilet: 1 x 34”. £11
Hoody: 1 x 30”. £20

Also 3 baseball hats, new and unused but not tagged and bagged: £3 each

Second-hand, make me an offer:

1 hoody, size 32”
Navy polo shirts: 1 x 30”, 3 x 32”, 1 x 36”. Good condition except for the 36” one that has shrunk upwards and is shorter than the 30”.
Striped polo shirts: 3 x 30” in good condition, 1 x 34” with pin holes.