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Old style badges for sale - Staged, Guide, Brownie, Rainbows


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bumping ... in case there is anyone else out there who needs to replace a lost badge.

So far I've managed to raise nearly £470 for Division Depot from badges they had written off and were just sitting in 4 biscuit tins, so thank you everyone who has bought badges so far. But even nicer is those who have been able to replace lost badges, especially the pin/bar ones where hard work earned them :)
Could I have one of each of the following, please?
Pack Holiday permit bar (yellow/green/yellow)
Holiday permit bar (blue/green/blue)

Can you PM me with where to send the cheque!


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Hi do you still have the adventure out badge? I have the syllabus so am thinking of building up a stock of badges incase rangers want to do it since there isn't always badges for them to do.


Assistant Guide Guider
Please can I have the following if you still have them

50p each plus p&p

Bellringer - Stage 2 old x 1
Cook - Stage 4 new x1
Deaf Awareness - Stage 2 new x 1
Downhill Skier - Stage 2 new x 1
Friend to Animals - Stage 1 new x1
Friend to Animals - Stage 4 new x1
Photographer - Stage 3 old x1
Rider - Stage 3 new x2
Rider - Stage 4 new x2
Swimmer - Stage 2 new x1
Walker - Stage 4 old x1
Water Safety - Stage 1 new x1
Writer - Stage 3 new x1

50p each plus p&p
(number is how many are available)
Guides Confectioner x1
Guides Holiday x1
Guides Radio Communication x1
Guides Thrift (pink pig) x1
Girl Guides Backwoodsman x1
Girl Guides Collector x1
Girl Guides Local History x1
Girl Guides Observer x1
Girl Guides Pathfinder (right) x1
Girl Guides Pioneer x1
Girl Guides Sportswoman x1
Girl Guides Weatherman x1

£1.00 Patrol Pennant - Pioneer x2
£1.00 Small Patrol Purpose badge/patch x1
£1.00 IPPD - I Piloted Programme Development badges x1

50p each plus p&p
(number is how many are available)
Girl Guides Animal Lover x1
Girl Guides Friendship x1
Girl Guides Computer x1
Girl Guides Conservation x1
Girl Guides Cyclist x1
Girl Guides Photographer x1
Girl Guides Rambler x1
Girl Guides Road Safety (Green man) x1
Girl Guides Road Safety (2 children) x1
Girl Guides Seasons x1
Girl Guides Skater x1
Girl Guides Water Rescuer (4 waves) x1
Brownie Guides Agility x1
Brownie Guides Artist x1
Brownie Guides Athlete x1
Brownie Guides Booklover x1
Brownie Guides Communications x1
Brownie Guides Craft x1
Brownie Guides Crime Prevention x1
Brownie Guides Discoverer x1
Brownie Guides Fire Safety x1
Brownie Guides First Aider x1
Brownie Guides Gardener x1
Brownie Guides House Orderly x1
Brownie Guides Jester x1
Brownie Guides Road Safety (2 children) x1
Brownie Guides Short Tennis Advanced (green) x1
Brownie Guides Sportswoman x1
Brownie Guides Stargazer x1
Brownie Guides Swimmer x1
Brownie Guides Thrift (Yellow pig looking right) x1
Brownie Guides World Culture x1
Brownie Guides World Guiding x1
Brownie Guides World Issues x1
Brownie Guides World Traveller x1

- Go (traffic lights) x1
- Go (blue round) x1

£1.00 We've Been on Pack Holiday x1
£1.00 Brownies Celebrate x1

Please let me know how much and where to send the money?
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