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Old style badges for sale - Staged, Guide, Brownie, Rainbows


Senior Section Member & ACSL
Could I have 1 each of these please? :)

£5.00 Ranger Boat/Sailing permit bar (blue)
£5.00 Ranger Canoeist permit bar (pale yellow)
£5.00 Ranger Oarsman/Rowing permit bar (pale blue)
I know this is a very old thread but was wondering if you had any of these Brownie badges still available. My unit are doing the Brownie Traditions badge and I would like to show them some old badges.


Brownie Leader
Hi brownowl-21, no sorry they all went fairly quickly - just have the square green staged badges, a couple of old Brownie six emblems and a round go! badge left. Just seen you've messaged me as well, so will reply as to what I have left of those in case.