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Old Style Interest Badges for sale Brownies and Guides


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Badges in red have been sold

We've had a clear out of our Brownie cupboard and we've found a lot of old Girl Guide an Brownie Guide badges, various interest, plus a few highway, footpath and road. Happy to sell (all money raised goes back into unit funds) 4 interest badges for £1 plus p&p. Happy to swap for special badges for our unit collection.

Those interested pleasesend me a private message to check I still have stock before sending any money or swapping a badge and for contact details.

The List:

Footpath (Brownie Guides)
Road (Brownie Guides)
Highway (Brownie Guides / Girl Guides)

Yellow Birthday (90's style trefoil)
Green " "

Scottish Kelpie


Interest badges: (Girl Guides)
Semifore (2 flags crossed)
Agility (Girl with girls out to side and feet together)
Dance (girl skipping)
Book Lover (open book)
Animal Lover (Rabbit)
Art (Pencil)
Agility (girl with arms out to sides, one foot pointed out)
House orderley (Broom)
Pathfinder (arrow)
Animal Lover (Cat)
First Aid (Cross
Thrift (Spiders web)
Toy Maker (Ark)
Fire Safety (Grid)

Interest Badges (Brownie Guides)
Seasons (sun and clouds)
Hobbies (Hobby Horse Head)
Home Safety (Lock and Key)
Pack Holiday (Yellow Teddy)
Pack Holiday (Green Teddy)
Road Safety (2 children holding hands)
Toy Maker (Ark)
Writer (Quill and parchment)

Swimmer stage 1 (Frog)
Swimmer stage 2 (Frog)
Chess stage 2 (Knight)
Sewing stage 1 (needle and thread)
Ski stage 3 (skier)
Cook stage 1 (chef's hat)
Campfire stage 1 (campfire)
Sign language stage 1 (hearing sign)

Special large GLK AQUA 2008
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Are we talking like a fire guard?

Can we see a picture, then we will tell you what it is - this quiz is too tough for a Sunday night.


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Can I take all your six badges please and the sixer and seconder badges. Is it just 1 of each you have or do you have duplicates? I'd like them all if you have more than one.
Will PM you now.


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It's at an angle so yes could well be a fire guard, so guessing fire safety then. Well done, gold star to you.