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olympic theme camp


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im running a camp this year and was hoping to do an olympic theme. Does anyone have any ideas what we could do apart from races? i had thought syncronised swimming routines on land and a trail but no im stuck. help!


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archery field sports like javelin hammer shot put ( not with the real thing obviously but with something safer)
making a flag and creating an opening ceremony
football, tennis rowing on land

have a look at a list of sports that are in the olympics
Perhaps you can include winter olympic sports too if youneed more ideas


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As well as the races, we're planning a wide game - based around the 5 continents/world areas that take part in the Olympics - as I read somewhere the Olympic rings are meant to represent this.
We've also planned an Opening Ceremony with each patrol/tent making up their own country, flag and national anthem.
PM me if you're interested and I could send you the documents.
we have allocated groups their country beforehand so they can come with a song or poem for our opening ceremony, we are making mobiles with union jack underneath, gold plate from poundland, coloured in, and cut into a spiral; with coloured circles, an olympic torch hanging from the middle and a mascot on. they look cool!!! we are doing paralympics and hoping to borrow some wheelchairs and do some activities with weighted bells, sounds, and wheelchair sport will be good for the girls to experience.


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We are hoping to have an olympic camp using On Your Marks

We are doing Create your own Sport, Race for the Rings, Dance the Night away, Writing on the wall, Mascots, Promise torch (all in on Your marks)


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Choc putt (throw bars of chocolate instead)
Welly wanging
The dress up in multiple layers relay race
The new olympic ready steady cook challenge
The marathon wide game (so many clues and challenges it will take them hours).


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Thank you for all your ideas! Very much appreciated :). I've not bought the on your marks resource yet as was unsure if it woulf fit in with a camp but think I will now