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Olympic themed games


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We are doing an olympic themed night with another Guide unit visiting us on the night. We are trying to think up some ideas for some fun games that we can do with the girls in split into small teams. Does anyone have any ideas?

Paula x


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I'm doing something similar with my Rainbows - but I think that some of them could work well with Guides too.
We are going to do a silly relay race - like a swimming relay where each person in the team does a different style. E.g - running backwards, moving like a crab, disco dancing, spinning and we have asked the Rainbows to think up a move too.

We are going to put the shot with rolled up newspapers and throw the javelin with the wrapping paper tubes. Also doing an obstacle course relay game (have to run to the first hoop throw a ball to the leader, run to the second hoop and do 5 star jumps, run to the third up and try to hula hoop and then run back to tag the next person in the team - I think this would be easy to adapt to guides).

Do you have any outdoor space? We are doing some water relay games too (I have taken games from all over the internet so not able to attribute these games!) you do get wet - but they are a lot of fun.



I've often done a mock games, with scaled-down events. These have included:
Equestrian - piggyback race, both on the flat, and with 'fences' (ropes laid flat on the floor, or tied to chair legs an inch or so off the floor).
Regatta (canoeing) - participants insert their feet into a bin bag and propel themselves across the lino floor using their hands. Can be a straightforward race, or a 'slalom' around chairs.
Track - 100m (one length of the hall), 400m (touch all four corners of the room then back to the middle), 4x400m relay (team relay race to the four corners carrying a pencil as baton).
Field - High Jump (standing high jump, hang a sheet of paper on the wall and have an ink pad or pot of paint for participants to press a finger in, they then jump and dab the paper as high as they can)
Long Jump - standing start.
Javelin - throwing the pencil
Discus - throwing a cardboard circle (around the size of a mug is ideal)
Synchronised Swimming - pairs and group . . .