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Owl name ideas


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We have a Brown owl and Squirral Owl! My 2 Yls are Dove and Robin. We had a Hedwig too! But she changed to Snowy owl.

Crazy Chilly

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I have been snowy owl, tawny owl and am now brown owl. Katz was fluffy owl but is now our tawny owl. At a previous pack when we had four leaders first three had the traditional names and the fourth leader was golden owl. We have a young leader and our brownies have christened her tea towel!! They think it is funny but not sure what our YL thinks about it.


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Last time we asked for suggestions we had some really weird ones so kinda gave up. Keep meaning to ask the girls if they would like us to have names. Will see how we get on a PH this weekend to see if they can cope with Badger, Fox, Squirrel and Hedgehog. I should be Brown Owl really but that makes me feel old!


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I am obviously Laughing Owl. We also have the traditional Owls and a Winking Owl! We have a couple of retired guiders and we couldn't replace their names so we just added new ones!


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I'm Little Owl and my assistant Guiders are Barn Owl and Eagle Owl - Brown Owl and Tawny Owl retired - we thought it would be too confusing to the girls for me to become Brown Owl.

We have also had an Elf Owl and my favourite Screech Owl


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I'm Little Owl we have a Tawny Owl as she didn't want to be Brown Owl and just got an Elf Owl (I like fluffy owl and sparkle owl they're great names!)


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We have had Brown, Tawny, Snowy, Barn, Wise and Little Owls, and parent helpers and YLs are woodland animals: grey & red squirrel, fox, badger, woodmouse.


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I want be Bown owl in furture at movment I rainbow guider and want become brownies guider run both rainbow and brownies but can rainbow guider help both rainbow and bronwies guides yes or no? When unit-helper was call Blackbird always been blackbird but move to Longton will at chasnge?


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I should be Brown owl but thought it sounded old - so I am Snowy Owl and my AG, UH and YL are called after flowers, Snowdrop, Daisy, Poppy, Rose and we have one YL called Sunshine


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we don't have a brown owl i'm the unit guider and i'm a mole we have tawny owl and Robin and also grey squirrel, red squirrel and flying squirrel a doormouse and a penguin


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We have a brown owl, then all the other guiders and UH are after other birds (robin, kingfisher, nightingale) and an oddball of dragonfly!

I think there comes to a point when if the brownies are restricted to owls you end up with really really weird names...at the end of the day, it has to be acceptable enough for you not to mind too much when one of them yells "HI XXXXXX" in the middle of tescos or the high street!

sandra 100

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we are not called owl names the girls voted and at the time we had lots of older girls and they decided they wanted to call us our proper names i was quite sad really might try another vote when we get more younger brownies

Barmy Barny

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I'm Barny at two packs, it was given to me when I was a UH, and I didn't want to change when I took over as gic.
We have Tawny, and snowy, we've had a Little Owl, Groovy Owl, Robin, Squirrel, Puppy, and foxy and I know my new Young Leader is desperate to be Hegwig, I'll have to see what the powers of thought can do!

Our Brownies suggest the names and have usually been fairly sensible and not voted for the really gross ones.


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I'm Winter Owl, which was just decided by the girls last night, the other new leader is Tawny Owl. We currently have Brown, Snowy and Barn Owl as well.
The only owls who I have in my unit are Brown Owl, Snowy Owl (that's myself) and Ginger Owl. The other two leaders are named after birds which are Woodpecker and
Bluebird. The young leaders who we had were Robin (she is now an Assistant Leader in another section) but the other two girls just get called by their proper names.