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Owl Names!


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Hey :)

Just wanted to ask, what are your Guide names and how did you get them?

I've just joined a new Brownie pack and chose the name Screech Owl, because I never stop chatting (and screech owls are cute), yet no-one seems to have ever known a Screech - Snowy, Tawny, Wise (my old one, but there is already one at my new pack!) are the common ones.

Have you ever met a Screech, and do you think it's a good or bad name? (Be truthful!)

Jessica x


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I'm a Brown Owl, the AG's are Barn Owl and Eagle Owl, and the Pack Leader is Pygmy Owl :-D.

I like the unusual ones, and think Screech Owl os great! Be whoever you want to be !!!


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Apart from being an Eagle Owl, I'm a Brown Owl, and we have a Tawny Owl and a Winter Owl. Chosen by the girls, I'll add. I like it, as does Winter Owl herself!


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i'm snowy owl (i think you may have guessed haha) - we have brown owl, sooty owl, little owl and one i can never remember ha!


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I am also a Snowy Owl *waves at Snowy91*, we also have a Brown Owl and a Barn Owl for adult leaders. Our Young Leaders and Pack Helpers all have "fun" owl names hence we have a baby owl, fluffy owl, fizzy owl, squeaky owl and funky owl.


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I'm Brown Owl as that is what all Brownie Guiders used to be called...we've had Tawny Owl, Snowy Owl and Barn Owl (Barney). At present the other adults are Holly and Bramble with 2 new Leaders to find names for - seems to be a bit of a prickly theme going on!
We don't go with the 'find a name and stick owl on it' idea, just let the girls come up with a load of names and let the leaders choose.


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snowy, barn, eagle, tawny, wise and brown are the most common ones! also "little"????

or could add bird names to keep to the theme, such as woodpecker, nuthatch, robin...


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we have snowy owl and i am elf owl. we did have a barn owl but she has left as well as a brown owl who has also left. we have also got two more leaders who haven't got owl names yet


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Be Screech Owl if you want.

We have lots of owls- all different, in addition to those already mentioned we have Aussie Owl (former Australian QG from Melbourne), Rainbow Owl (also Rainbow GiC), Sparkle owl, crafty owl, Scottie owl (from scotland)

Storm Owl

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Well you know my owl name... my units have also had Fuzzy Owl, Happy Owl, Rainbow Owl, Sparkly Owl, Night Owl, Sunny Owl, Snow Owl, and Angel Owl.


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Brown, Tawny and Little Owl in one unit

Brown, Snowy, Tawny, Little, Barn, Eagle Owl and one I can't remember.

I'm Brown Owl in one and Snowy Owl (but was Little Owl) in the other unit


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I'm Brown Owl in Brownies but Caterpillar in Rainbows, I used to be Penguin when my own older girls were Rainbows (different unit)
we have had a snowy, tawny and Barn owl (all gone now) now we have Little Owl, Ladybird & Dove and the Rainbows Gic is Butterfly
I love the name Screech Owl :) oh and our Pack Leader/Rainbow Helper gets to be Bumble Bee