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Pack Holiday


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Hi All
I thought I would start a thread containing the plans for our Pack Holiday in October Half Term.
It is Charlie and the Chocolate themed with activities for each child who won a golden ticket.

Charlie - Design a chocolate bar wrapper - we are going to laminate them and the girls can use them as
placemats over the weekend
Augustus - Make a 'up the tube bracelet' - this is done from the tubing used to make glow sticks filled with
glitter and other materials
Violet - Make a pitta bread pizza - If you designed your own 3 course meal chewing gum and the
main course was pizza what toppings would you have on it
Veruca - Decorate an egg cup - Violet was a bad egg and thought these would make nice
Mike - Put on a show about PH - for the parents at the end of the weekend

We also have a Willy Wonka craft where you cut it all out, colour it all in and stick it to a loo roll to make a Willy Wonka doll thing and of course making chocolates in moulds with sweets to add to personalise them

We want to show the girls the original film and the new(er) one but am not sure if these are covered in the Girlguiding policy that covers us for copyright can anyone let me know? I have emailed the address on the website but thought I would be better safe than sorry


Although there are some interesting ideas, there seems to be an awful lot of craft listed for only the two evenings, even allowing for some of it being wet weather/emergency alternatives. What outdoor activities are you planning to get some fresh air and exercise during the daytime activity sessions?
Taken from the Girlguiding site;


When you buy or rent a film to watch at home, the first thing you see on the screen is a copyright notice. It informs you that ‘this film is for home viewing only’ and warns that you will be breaking copyright law if you show it anywhere else. But sometimes you want to watch a film at a unit meeting, at an event or on a trip. What do you do?

Luckily, Girlguiding has it covered. We have arranged a licence with the Motion Picture Licensing Company (MPLC) which allows our members to show films without breaking any copyright laws. There are some terms and conditions:

  • films can be shown to members of Girlguiding and members’ parents only
  • you have to buy or rent the film legally – no pirate copies
  • you can’t charge any admission fees
  • you can’t advertise or publicise the film screening to the general public.
No fees may be charged to view the film. You may include films as part of a larger event as long as the films are not screened outdoors and the event involves no more than 200 attendees. Larger events and outdoor events have to be licensed separately.

This licence covers films produced by many major companies, apart from Warner Brothers and Sony for which you must seek your own licence. Checking whether the film you want to show is covered by the licence is very simple: just call or email the MPLC (01323 649647 or ukinfo@mplc.com), and their advisers will look it up for you. The list of companies covered changes constantly so it is important to contact MPLC every time you show a film.

You are responsible for checking the age rating on the film and you must make sure it is appropriate for your group.

Have fun!


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The Scrumdiddlyumptious Challege and the Roald Dhal Challenge both have some great ideas in them, so sure would be helpful to explore these. The one I remember from a holiday I helped with was that the leader had a large cardboard cut out 'girl' for each Six, and covered her body with purple ballons which the Brownies had to pop (done as a relay race so each 'Violet' was only being 'popped' by one Brownie at any one time).