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Panic at this end.


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What songbook is it that we should bring? I have only just started replacing all mine that have got lost somewhere :( so don't have many just yet.

Is it a specific Guiders.co.uk one? Will there be spares to buy if it is?

HELP!!!! I am not ready yet :(

Nona :-(


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just any of your own!
there isn't a forum songbook. not yet anyway.

take deep breaths and CALM! :)


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calm and you can have a look at my selection of song books if you have a song you really want to share and don't have the words to it.


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I've left mine in the hut and won't be able to get there in the morning, so I'll need a lend of one if anyone has one going spare and that's OK?


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Thanks Coolandme, you can't tell that it is my first can you or that I am a bit anxious??? :eek: trying very hard to calm down and not worry if I have forgotten anything..... right off to take my tablets and get some rest, long trip ahead of us in the morning LOL.

See you soon.

Nona :)