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Parachute games for Rainbows


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Has anyone got any new ideas for parachute games to play with Rainbows? We do all the normal ones, like "running under if" games, shark attack etc

Looking for some inspiration!



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Mine love this acting game. Don't try it with anyone older than Rainbows!

For the first round, choose some confident girls before starting. They agree on an animal and curl up tiny in the middle of the parachute.

The rest of us sing (ok it's more like chant!)

See the (insert name of animal here) sleeping in the afternoon,
Shall we try to wake them with a happy tune?
Oh, how still!
Are they ill?
No, wake up (animals).

We watch the chosen girls wake up and act like their named animal. (Start easy with dog, cat, rabbit etc)

There is no competition or race, they just love having their moment of imagination in front of their friends .

You could also play cooperation games eg deliver the (larger the better) ball to Flossie, try to get it down the hole, try NOT to get it down the hole.

1/3 lie down on the floor and the rest waft them - just for the experience, no competition.

Sit down and hold the edges, sway and sing row, row, row your boat.

Everyone closes their eyes while sitting round the edge of the parachute. (Yeah right!) You walk round and tap a few girls on the shoulder. They slither underneath, curl up and keeps still. The rest open their eyes and look around and try to work out who is missing. This is hilarious with Rainbows as they invariably name the girl who is clearly to be seen right next to them!!!!

Hide everyday items under the parachute and girls try to guess what they are from their outline. Or use mystery items to introduce your theme. If stuck, they can crawl on top and have a feel.


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Everyone lifts up the parachute (you need a few spaced out adults to help little arms lift it and to anchor it in place) and you call out “everyone wearing trainers” for example and all the girls with trainers on run underneath to swap places with someone else. We like to end with “everyone who loves Brownies” so they all run under and it’s giggly chaos.

Everyone lifts up the parachute and sits under it with the edge under their bottom (again a few spaced out adults to help lift it and then to keep it at a decent height). You can then sing a few campfire songs, it’s oddly cosy under there! It might be nice to make their promise under there if they wanted to.


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Popcorn - All the girls are around the parachute holding it up but still. Pour in some ball pit balls and they have to get them out then collect.

Shark Attack - the girls sit round the parachute with their legs under ( if the don't want to be pulled under they sit crossed legs). One is under and she is the shark. One is the lift guard who can move around the outside. The shark then tries to pull the girls under and the life guard has to stop them.