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part time college and do leadership training


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I find very diffucult do part time college leadership trainning need adice on few things I realy want be leader Of rainbow guides and brownies how can make notice of me.
this question to another leader If rainbow put ball in face in another rainbow guides you prumsihment at child then parent came to you"you can't prumshment by child she got austim" "If fair for another Rainbow guides get hurt?" what would leader do with this?
I now do part time Engish crouse and protty crouse for disabled is may help me I got homework do need find guding website in london and local website for guding can you help me?Got find offical website rainbow guides.brownies guides,guides.


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you would need to prioratise ( thats spelt wrong hehe)
whats more important?
guiding or education
yzz, I don't mean any offense with this but your posts very hard to read & understand so i hope i covered the main gist of it :confused:
another thing , this is in the wrong section aswell? this is college so would not go in a university section??? this would be better in off topic discussion.
I do full time college and guiding and other things , and buy no means am i overwhelmed buy it


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Hi Yzz, (I think this is what you mean) I think if a Rainbow throws a ball at another Rainbow and it hits them, You need to tell the girl that that behaviour is not acceptable at Rainbows, and make sure that you inform the parent. I don't believe "She's got Austism" is always an excuse.

The official website for guiding is Girlguiding UK - Home and welcome

And pink, its in the right area, its about balancing education and Guiding, and isn't off topic at all.