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Personal Skill Assessor?

I'm just starting my QGA, and was going to use Cross Stitch as my Personal Skill.

I've just been reading the Syllabus and it says "Your assessor for this challenge should be someone who is experienced and knowledgeable in your
chosen activity or someone who holds an appropriate governing body or professional qualification, such as a coach or tutor."

Who would you choose for this? So far all I can think of is maybe getting friendly with someone who works in Hobbycraft!


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Could you float it out to your District leaders and Trefoil or local WI - I bet someone is quite experienced locally. I found a Leader who was willing to mentor my DD for her needle felting skill for DoE that way. She also went on a one day course at a felting shop locally whose owner has written a few books on felting, so that helped too. Anything similar to fit your cross stitch?


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Could you look at starting a after school/evening class on needlework or join/visit the embroideriers guild. A local needleclass shop may know of classes to extend your knowledge of the subject.


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There's a knit and stitch (or something like that) group that meets in my local library once a month. If the above suggestions don't work, see if there's anything like that local to you... Aside from finding potential assessors it could also add to your skill section experience.
Thanks for all your suggestions! Conveniently, I started my AL just after posting this, and when I met my mentor for the first time, she happened to bring along a friend who's a bit of an expert!