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PGCE and Guiding


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Guiding is good experience to have on your CV but course providers are looking that you understand what it is like working in a school and being a teacher. that its not just that you like kids. I did have some experience in schools but not as much as others. I got asked this on my interview for my pgce why did I want to teach in a school and why secondary? Also it is getting more competitive at the minute for places due to the credit crunch so any experience you can get in school will help.

I got other jobs such as playworker based on my guiding experience and has built up from there. x


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my university does an outreach program where students can volunteer in schools (one scheme pays you too) on the wednesday "sport" afternoons. I will be registering for that next year so i can get some experience if i want to do a PGCE straight after uni


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The other thing as well is you need to check that you want to work in a school. Once you have been in school you may realise its not for you and can look at other options. x

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**Im starting my PGCE in september, slightly nervous but definitely looking forward to the challenge. I dont think i would have been offered a place without my guiding and scouting behind me. I cannot wait to get back home for the holidays and see my brownies again.**