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PGCE and guiding

I am doing my PGCE this year in post compulsory education So I am in a college and not in a 9-5 school but I still race home so I can squeeze in a power nap before Guides. I am always so tired after a full day of practical teaching.

How is your PGCE going?


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How doing college crouse.student rep,counial student rep and helping with Rainbow guide as unit-helper and look after dog soon be helping with 18 puppies and fun run with rainbow guide plus student rep meeting and counial student rep metting not forgot make mother cup tea and feel dishwash
I'm coming to the end of my HND and start uni in September - I'm there for 2 years before I start my PGCE. I'm a single parent to a 3 year old and a 9 month old - I was pregnant all throughout my HNC!!!

Juggling everything is hard and at times it can feel like somethings going to suffer but like someone else said - its all about planning. Focus on your PGCE because at the end of the day that's going to pay your wages! lol!! If your unit is Guides then why not plan some activities that don't take much preparation on your part at times when you don't have a lot of minutes to spare.

Unfortunately, like someone else said if you want to be a teacher and a guider its going to be a constraint juggling act so if you can find out the best way for you to do and enjoy both during your school placements, when it comes to working full time in a school you'll have it sussed!

Good luck!


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I also start a PGCE in September, but fully intend to carry on with Guides as long as possible. Apart from half of my year aborad, when I was somewhere with no BGIFC units, but also no active local units, I have carried on at Guides all the way through uni, and have even managed (most of the time!) to keep it to just the 2 hours per week, amazingly!!! So if I can do the same when doing my PGCE, I should be okay.

Our pre-warrent Guider did her PGCE last year, and made it most weeks, apart from during her first placement as she was over 60 miles away, so often got back so late it wasn't worth going to Guides, and on the few weeks she made it, she was late.
let's have a look at this powerpoint you've come up with, as I'm your target audience (I think I am anyway? Year 11 with no previous psychology-related knowledge)


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I can be quite critical of powerpoints too if you want any help - I also have a list of generic interview type qs for any profession somewhere I could try and post... (but not this evening)....


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i have my own year one class in september get paid whilst i train xxx
I didn't think they did bursarys/supported teacher training for primary, only in seconday shortage subjects.... I trained as a teacher and got no support whatsoever, zilch. Seems a bit unfair really.
Jayjay, vicki's doing GTP. It's entirely school based, no university aspect. You spend the year with a class, and are paid as an unqualified teacher.