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PGCE and guiding


Guide and Ranger Guider
Sounds much better than 3 years spent doing theory and only a few weeks actually teaching! I wonder why I never heard of that before?
Ooh did you do a BA with QTS? I want to do that.
It's only available to graduates, and it's very hard to get a place (or so I've heard)


Guide Guider
I didn't think they did bursarys/supported teacher training for primary, only in seconday shortage subjects.... I trained as a teacher and got no support whatsoever, zilch. Seems a bit unfair really.
It's because there is a shortage of secondary teachers, hence the financial incentive. However, as there is not a shortage of primary teachers, but a surplus, then the higher grants are not necessary. Same goes for training in Scotland at any age group - no bursaries at all as they have enough teachers, even secondary.

However, you say you got no support at all? When did you train, as primary PGCE students DO get a £4000 grant. Not as helpful as my £9000 for MFL, but still gives you a start. And remember, we have £3000 tuition fees now; if you trained a few years ago that wouldn't have been the case.