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Phase 3s in the unit


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A lot of our girls are struggling to do the bigger phases (unless they're already learning an instrument or fitness class), particularly as you can't do them in the unit meetings.

We all (including me) are having trouble finding something to do for the International Octants. I'm wondering if a weekend away based around another country, doing language, culture, food activities would count as international enough even though we wouldn't be leaving the district?



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I'm not sure what to suggest... although if phase 3s are too much, maybe focus on chief guide's challenge instead?

I don't think though that an international themed weekend away together would really meet the challenge requirement of a phase 3.


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I think the point of a phase 3 though is to self motivate yourself to get out of your comfort zone and actually do something not just rely on someone organising it for you!

The commonwealth award is an option could be something you look it- parts can be done in the unit and if girls want to complete it then they would do the other sections outside of the group.


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I wouldn't say that anything that you can do over a weekend would be the 'long term challenge' that phase 3 requires. In fact, the LW bumph explicitly says 'you could complete it over a weekend' for phase 2.


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Would second the commonwealth award idea.
The other issue with the weekend (as well as it not being long term, nor self organised) is that you probably wouldn't spend 30 hours doing international activities - you would spend at least 16 hours sleeping, and a couple of hours a day just chilling etc.