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Phoenix Senior Section - Lones Unit

:earmuffs:Who are we?

Phoenix Senior Section GLK is a lones unit within Girlguiding for girls and young women who cannot attend a local unit for a variety of reasons. We contact each other via e-mail and yahoo groups on a daily basis.

What do we do?

We follow the Girlguiding programme for girls and young women aged 14-25 - the Senior Section. You can find out more information about the Senior Section and the programme on the Girlguiding website here: Girlguiding Senior Section. The programme includes:
•Queen's Guide
•Look Wider
•Duke of Edinburgh Award

How can you join us?
•You can join any time between your 14th and 26th birthday and it doesn't matter whether you've been involved in Girlguiding before.
•It is always best to join a local unit where you can participate in face-to-face meetings and events so we will need to check that there isn't a suitable unit for you to join. If you are not able to join a local unit due to health reasons, being a student at boarding school, being away at university or simply because you have no local unit then Phoenix may well be for you.
•E-mail us (e-mail address at the bottom of the page) and one of our leaders will reply and discuss whether Phoenix would be right for you.

Where can you get more information?