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Pink Stripey Thing...

What to do with a stripey thing??

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I do also confess to owning one, as I needed it for my QG presentation. Though I was talking to someone who had been loaned one by CHQ after complaning about having to buy one...

For Gold DofE, I think this might have been just before the pink stripy things came out, when people still wore the blue and white ones (which were not so bad on their own, but with the matching skirt......!) - I just wore a plain green shirt instead.


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there too short in the body and I just dont feel smart so its a choice between pink or ss shirt
if you have the choice I'd go for the ss one.
I was over 26 when my presentation came around so couldn't wear it.

though now I'd be tempted to wear my hoody - it looks rather smart with its badges on. so says my o/h anyway (who was in the ATC so understands something about smart uniform!).

Cap'n Gaerlick

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I love the idea of the archery target practice before the ritual burning of the hideous garment.

I think a video of the burning should be made and sent to CHQ letting them know what we think of it. It really is reminiscent of the 70s era and we are trying to get rid of the "oldies" image.


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Get as many as you can together, then tie them all in one long pink stipey mess then stretch it the length of the M6 and claim the world record for the longest stick of seaside rock.

Then burn it and warn the fire brigade so you can get lots of firemen to come and supervise you while burning it !!!!!! ;)


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If anyone else wants to bring one to add to the target practice and burning please feel free!!!

Oh and smartie - can you film a bit of the target practice cos gary wants to see it! lol


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Is Sam bringing the bloody camera again??? Mental note - Ellen if you do go to g2g DO NOT repeat DO NOT eats sour sweets in public, especially not lots all at the same time!


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*makes mental note to keep away from Sam at all times* Hate bloomin video cameras!!! Why does she do this to me?!?


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i mananged to just be giggling mostly on the last one, not a lot of my voice at all! thank god, dunno if i'll be as lucky this time!