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Urgent! Please read before posting

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Please be aware that this is a forum and any suggestions and/or recommendations are done so by individuals and are nothing to do with the forum itself.

Anyone ordering any badges/services via advice received on this forum do so at their own risk and are advised to gain further advice or ask for other people's experiences before doing so.

Unfortunately this forum cannot take any responsibility for any orders placed via posts on the website.

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Important message - please read

A big part of Guiding is Badges and here on the forum many users swap their personal collection and sell for fundraising.

This is a fun and enjoyable part of Guiding however to avoid problems please bear in mind the following:
  • Do not pre-sell : Please do not take orders and money from users if the badge is not in your possession. This has become an issue in the past and causes a lot of grief when the seller becomes overwhelmed.
    • Instead start a thread showing the badge design and asking for potential interest and quantities. This will give you an idea on how much to order.
  • Basic online safety : Exchange of details and money is never 100% safe online and you should always show caution and good common sense.
  • eBay : The safest way to sell and buy badges is on eBay. There are many functions in place to protect both parties.

    They also automate your orders, transactions and stock.
    • Check out our eBay Finds forum for the lastest items.
    • Upload your item and post on the forum a link and description.
  • PayPal : This is a good way of making money transactions without disclosing your account details. PayPal have also functions in place to protect you.
    • Always have a separate password for important sites like PayPal to your forum, Facebook and email accounts. This often is how various accounts (not just paypal) get hacked particularly if you enter the same details in less secure sites such as competition entries. Have separate emails and passwords for each level of security. ie one for emails, another for forums/FB, another for accounts etc.
  • Regular Updates : All going to plan people pay for the badge and you send it out. However if there is an issue please update the thread and keep the users informed. We know some people are not here regularly however if you are selling something just pop on and give a quick update when needed.
MODERATORS/ADMIN HELP : We are here to keep the forum organised and within the rules for everyones benefit. We do not have any powers when issues arrise with a seller or buyer. PM and email them, we can only do the same but it's your responsibility. The forum does not recommend or is responsible for it's users actions.
Remember: We're just like you!

Many many swaps and transactions go without problems so please do not let this stop you getting those badges for your blanket or unit; or from fundraising that event or trip. Just please think first and decide whether you have the time and energy to sell.

Be safe, use eBay and PayPal/cheques wherever possible.

Create a eBay account
Create a PayPal account

Many Thanks.
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Additional note regarding Unit Funds: Check with the rules for clarification however unit funds are governed by charity law and as such people should be very careful how and what you commit them to, to ensure you are not breaking any rules in your role as charity trustees.


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Additional note regarding Thread Updates: If your badges are in your possession there shouldn't be any problem sending them out soon after receiving the order request however if there are any issues such as you'll be on holiday, moving house, no internet etc; please just pop on and give a quick update to let people know.
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