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Chat: Post G2G8


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Well, I am home although the car is far from unpacked!

I would like to thank absolutely everyone for coming, whether it be a full visitor or a day visitor. Organising these things are hard work especially when things are going on at home (equalling lots of sleepless nights!), but without you guys it wouldn't be the same.

I would also like to say a huge thank you to all those who either slaved away in the kitchen, spent what felt like ages washing up, helped to clear up or a combination of them all. I really do appreciate it.

I would also like to thank my fellow organisers, Osprey and Smartie without whom G2G8 wouldn't have happened!

I hope you all had fun and ate well.... anyone hungry??!


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Glad to hear you had a good time - I did send a few text messages and when you have relaxed Wren - I have a bit of badge swapping to do with you..... :)


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i'm baaaaaack :D
well i got back ages ago but i stuck my very very muddy clothes in the washing machine and then lept in the bath :)
very sleepy now....early night it is!
A huge Thank you to Wren, Osprey, Smartie and Dawny for a great weekend
had the most fantasic fun and made a lot more freinds
Only took 3 1/4 Hours to get home,

so anyone for cake !!!! or lettuce !!!

thanks again guys for a fab weekend
looking forward to doing it all again in 6 months


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Home and unpacking :) DD loves all the things I did and has claimed a fair few, well her name is cerys after all !!

Fab time, lovely to see everyone again and meet lots of new faces :)

Can't wait for the next one when I get to venture north (well its north to me before you start!)

Big thanks to Smartie, Wren and Osprey for such fab organisation ... not to mention the mountains of food :speechless-022


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Home now! Had fun on the M4 with Hilzo and Gwen and Loopy! Gwen and Loopy caught us up, and Got all three cars one behind the other at one point till Hilzo sped off! Followed Gwen to Reading then Hilzo to the M25!! Both were very nice letting me squeeze in to gaps in front of them!!!

Thanks to Wren, Ospray and Smartie for organising, Claratrix, Katie, and Lynz for late night chats and everyone for all the fun and laughter.

Counting down to the next one!!


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I got back at 4-30, as there were no hold ups on the motorway this time. BAWRG slept almost all the way home!

Just had my bun from lunch, but the honey didn't make it as far as the kitchen as I dropped it getting it out of the car and the jar smashed on the concrete - gutted!

My car is unpacked but my rucksack isn't. The only things that have been washed are the clothes from the assault course, and the shoes are sitting n a plastic container in the bath full of hot water and washing powder!


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Well, I'm now home! The heating is turned on and the clothes from the assault course are in the washing machine>
It was a great weekend - thanks everyone!


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Made it home about 30 mins ago

car is unpacked, soggy clothes sitting by washing machine waiting to go in and Walking boots now stuffed with newspaper. rest can wait till tomorrow.

Was a fairly pleasant drive home, made better by having company both in and out the car on the motorway, until i nearly got taken out by a speeding car jumping a red light close to home.

Thanks again to the organisers


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Got home at half five, was asleep by quater to six! Walking the two miles home from the station finished me off!

Thanks to Curly for the lift to the train - made it with about two minutes to spare!


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Thanks so much for the lift home Gwen and to our motorway companions for making it feel like the G2G hadn't finished yet!

What a great weekend. Shame there wasn't any cake though ;)


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you know you've had a good weekend when by 5pm you've had a bath and you're sat in pjs feeling like it's about 10pm!


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Thanks so much for the lift home Gwen and to our motorway companions for making it feel like the G2G hadn't finished yet!

What a great weekend. Shame there wasn't any cake though ;)
But there was cake, you just didnt share them :p


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Thankyou so much all the organisers,
Im halfway home - well at my brothers (having a cuddle from baby Harry) where i am staying the night.

I really enjoyed the weekend and am so full i dont think i will need any tea tonight.

Once again thankyou


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I'm home safely, thank you to the organisers.
Sorry for being a little anti-social on Saturday, I'm not nice to know when I'm tired and not feeling great.


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Made it home about half an hour ago. I made it into my home town about two hours ago, to drop Lynz off at a local station, then into Wigan with Dolly and then home myself. :)
Licked all the icing off my cake and couldn't wait to get upstairs to snuggle in my bed.
I had a really good time! Thank you every one. Also, a big thank you for the birthday wishes and cake. It was lovely.