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Chat: Post G2G8


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Thanks to the organisers for a really great weekend and thanks to Dolly and Ellen for encouraging me to chill and get alittle merry.

I got home by 7pm on sunday without having my "whopper one with salad in it" :( Was in bed by 8, so tired. Hoping to catch up by thursday cos I have an exam.

I was also bitten - 1 on my arm, 1 on the end of my nose and 1 on my chest.

If anyone finds a pair of blue handled pliers, I have lost a pair.


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There was a lone pair of blue pliers on top of the cupboard on the far side of the craft room (away from the kitchen side); on top of the lolly dolly print-outs and next to the engraving glasses. Hopefully someone has it for you.


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I didn't get bitten!
I've got to get my photos developed and I'm going to ask them to stick them onto a CD too for easy transfer across to FB.


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I've just put the quotes up in geek elite - had my OH read them out to me as I typed, only he kept cracking up and wanting to know the stories behind them, lol.

Thanks to everyone there for helping me let go of stresses and really enjoy myself for the first time since my mom's stroke. And of course many thanks to the three lovely ladies who put so much work into making it happen! :)


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i had bruises on sunday when i got in the bath but i think they've gone now...
i defo have a cold but atm it's not too bad - hoping it'll be fine!


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I also managed to get a shard of glass in my thumb which was G2G related. I was trying to pick up too many things in one go getting out of the car, and dropped the jar of honey... Onto concrete, so it smashed. I did get most of the glass up, but one tiny bit got into my thumb