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Post SAIL 11


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my dd and FionainKL's dd + another girl from the Hague spent all week together.

Brownie pack holiday was fun...!

Exhausted, just back.

It was fun, possibly my last BGIFC outing - but full of so much great Guiding fun.


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All three of my dds had a great time, was my first Foxlease event, and the only time I'll have a full set- one on the Brownie holiday, one on the Guide camp and one on the SS camp! Well done to all the camp leaders- great job!


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Just got home - we had a fantastic time at SAIL '11 - my youngest on a Brownie holiday, my oldest on Guide camp and I was on the leaders training. Thanks to all the leaders - they did a super job.

Looking forward to the next BGIFC camp in 2 years time.