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Postcards 1962 - 1973


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I've started scanning in the latest find I thought you all may be interested in. They are postcards received from Guides to the Captain whilst on holiday from many parts of the UK and all over the world, from June 1962 to August 1973.

You'd be hard pressed not to find a postcard from either where you live or have been at some time. It's really facinating seeing areas you've visited as they were just 30 or 40 years ago.​

You can view the postcards at the following links. I have scanned each page in twice to show the front and back of each card.​

Note: There are hundreds of postcards so the book isn't compete yet. I'll add new pages as fast as I can.​


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Postcard Index

Here is an index of all the postcards currently scanned in. I will update this post as they are added.

Page - Place - Photo Of - Date Received (Counties in brackets are at the time of postcard)

1 - Plymouth - The Hoe, Smeaton Tower and Drake's Island - June 1962
1 - Gloucester - The Cathedral, Northgate Street, The New Inn, Robert Raikes Statue - July 1962
3 - Swanage (Dorset) - Swanage from Ballard Down - August 1962
3 - Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell from a painting by David Jagger in 1929
5 - Holland - Dutch Windmill - May 1963
5 - Plymouth - The Lido Swimming Pool and Smeaton's Tower - May 1963
7 - Porthcawl - Porthcawl from Wig Fach - Posted from Gorwellian at Whitsun Camp 1963
9 - Dawlish (Devon) - Boat Cove, Red Rock, The Gardens, Coryton Cove - June 1963
9 - Bognor Regis (Sussex) - Rough Sea and Pier - July 1963
11 - Brockenhurst (Herts) - The Barn, Foxlease - July 1963
13 - Tunbridge Wells (Kent) - The Pantiles, Mount Pleasant, From Mount Ephraim, Civic Centre, Mount Sion Grove - July 1963
13 - Birmingham - Corporation Street - August 1963
15 - Seaford (Sussex) - Seven Sisters, Rough Sea, Blatchington Village, Looking East - August 1962
15 - Jersey - Battle of Flowers showing an exhibit that gained the Prix d'Honneur, the highest award in Jersey's 'Battle of Flowers', an annual event held along Victoria Avenue, overlooking St. Aubins Bay - August 1963
17 - Guernsey - St. Peter Port from Castle Cornet - August 1963
19 - Hereford - The Cathedral, the River Wye, Cathedral Nave, Wye Bridge, The Old House - August 1963
20 - Hereford - The Old House - August 1963
20 - Hereford - The Chained Library in Hereford Catheral - August 1963
21 - Hereford - Hereford Cathedral - August 1963
21 - Hereford - Wye Bridge and Cathedral - August 1963
23 - York - The Minister - August 1963
25 - Dawlish - Coryton Cove, The Laws & Stream, York Gardens, The Front & Boating Cove - May 1964
25 - St. Austell (Cornwall) - Carlyon Bay - May 1964


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I come from torpoint in cornwall just a short ferry journey from plymouth and was born plymouth (it was the closest hospital and not a choice of my mothers at all)
Seeing the hoe has just made me feel very home sick - Becky you are so lucky to work there I miss it so badly


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Hehe yeah thanks :) i didn't think i would miss plymouth when i went to uni because lots of it is not that exciting, but being in landlocked leeds (as much as i absolutely love it there) i missed the sea so much! But i get to see it everyday now at work, plymouth sound and plymouth hoe is fantastic as it shows on the pictures so yeh, i guess i am lucky :) though reading the postcard relating to plymouth hoe, as a lifeguard i am quite concerned that they went swimming and couldn't get out and had to climb a cliff!!!! hehe


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in the first pic of plymouth it shows a garden which is on the seafront - at the moment there is a scout centenary garden which looks great with a big "gold" dove in the centre (i assume its a dove) and it really looks fantastic (although when i was little there was plants shaped as the flintstones! haha)


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I'll have to check but I think that was the postmark so maybe posted afterwards, or did the county change. I must admit I get confussed with the counties where I live since they changed them (a long time ago now!) so I'm terrible knowing where they are in England.


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jus checkin out this section of the forum as i dont really tend to look at it. This looks like a good idea, i might start gettin the girls to buy a postcard from hols n bring to meeting so we can see where we've been?


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We are sad at work, we send postcards in, even if we only go away for a weekend!!

We have them all up in the office. Think it's obvious we love our holidays a LOT more than our jobs!!!


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Lol, Dawny!!! I wish it was like that here!!! Everyones gone on holiday and left us (theres about 4 peeps left) and they've all forgotten about us and are having a brill time!

I think I might start a postcard scrapbook for my Brownies, it might be interesting, plus it gives me more scrapbooking fun to do! :D