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Promise Games

I am looking to play some games with our Brownie unit about the Promise. Have anyone got any ideas of any?

We will be doing the Mission Promise Activity Pack but I think most of them will whizz through that.

Many thanks in advance.


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If you are simply wanting to learn the words we do it as a sixes team relay, pencil and paper at the opposite end of the room, girls take it in turn to run up and write the next word until the whole promise it written.
If your girls like acting give each six a section of the promise to make up a play about.
Match the actions to the part of the promise.
Play fish, chips and peas but with the three parts of the promise, read out a situation and the girls choose where it fits, no right or wrong answers as long as they can explain.
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Promise activities

Hi, not sure what the 'mission' promise activities are - but there are several activities suggested for the different sections on the GG website: https://www.girlguiding.org.uk/pdf/130802_Brownie_Promise_activities_Oct13.pdf (but this might be what you were referring to)

We've also just had a Promise evening, when we did a 'Brownie Promise wide game' - though not very 'wide' as it was cold & wet so did it in the church hall! Copy attached in the hope this is of help. One of the activities (building a Promise Wall) is from the GG publication.



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Hi, sorry - only just picked this up! We photocopied several of the pictures from the Brownie Adventure file (activity resources for leaders) and enlarged these to make them a suitable size to make jigsaws (or you could dispense with the jigsaw and just get the girls to colour them in and spot the hazard, what's wrong, etc). The ones we used were: home safety (serving the Queen & community by making sure ambulance and fire service not called out to accidents, etc that could be avoided); spot the dangers (similar, but making sure people safe on beach/not need lifeguard - also caring for the environment - part of our 'community' we live in); what is wrong (keeping the Countyside Code - caring for our environment/community & helping farmers who produce our food). Sometimes have to be a bit creative about how things 'serve the Queen' (but MUCH easier now we're 'serving the Queen and our community'! I'm sure there's also a picture re 'hazards on the road' but I couldn't find that one...


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Just found this, but the link just seems to go to the activity finder on the 'new' girlguiding website - anyone got a copy of the pdf as it sounds as though it would be really useful!
Which part would you like to focus on?

Hiya thanks for message.
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Do you know any games based on keeping
the promise ? We will do some acting in sixes- give them
situations where they need to remember to keep their
I’ve got an activity for the new
girls but thought we could extend the idea as a theme for all of the pack. In a nutshell. Thanks lisa
Which part would you like to focus on?