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Question? Publicity photos needed


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Can anyone help us ?

We have been asked to run a publicity stall at one of our local primary school's summer fair and I am after some publicity photos that would appeal to the area in which the school is situated ( a deprived council estate in outer London where money is an issue and therefore we are unable to offer all the adventurous activities on a regular basis so looking for pictures of everyday activities)

Have looked through the Identity Guidelines CD and spoken to County and Region but not really found anything suitable.

Has anyone got access to any high res pictures that we could use?

Here's hoping
Many thanks


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Do you still have the Centerary branding CD? The one that came with Guiding mag sometime before the centenary, with all the centenary logos on. It's got loads of high res non-centenary photos on, only one or two of which are 'adventurous/expensive activities'. More photos than are on the normal ID Guidelines CD.

If you don't have it, PM me your emails address & I can send you some of them.
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If you PM me your email I have a few I recieved from CHQ a while ago, they were the ones used on the key messages card in the centenary year.


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I've often thought that needed bank of photos of everyday normal activities showing girls in uniform (rainbow, brownies & guides) such as cooking, putting up tents, cooking on outdoor fire, singing campfire songs, dancing, going for a walk, gardening, painting, playing tennis, doing team challenges, playing football etc that we could use as "clipart" for different things