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Question? Queen's Guide Community Action - volunteering in a primary school

Hi I'm wondering if anyone can help

I'm doing my Queen's Guide Award and got everything else sorted pretty much apart from the Community Action part of the award. I am currently volunteering in a primary school once a week so would like to relate my community action to this in some way as I have no other time to do anything else. Can anyone please help on how I can relate my project to a school - what could I do for my project?

I am like an assistant in the classroom. I thought about doing something 'healthy eating' related, but not sure. I thought about doing something related to kindness/helping eachother so I could make a badge for rainbows at the same time, but can't think of how I would do it.


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I did this for my QGA - I helped specificially with reading and wrote my research about how important home learning environment are in encouraging children to read using stats from the OECD.

You could look at the crucial role of volunteers, what support the school gives for people with SEN, anything really!