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Queen's Guide signing off - how does it work?


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Can anyone explain to me the process of doing Queen's Guide and who signs stuff off please?
I have just taken over as DC in a district where doing Queen's Guide is rare and nobody seems to know what's going on. We have two who have just started and have got mentors, but these mentors have no more knowledge than the rest of us. Do the mentors sign it off? Is there any more guidance on what's ok and what's not than the download from the senior section website? It just seems so vague on what counts and what doesn't. It seems to expect you to get approval for your plans from your mentor, but what if they have no idea either?

I've looked through the contact details report on GO and there's no-one down as Queen's Guide adviser at County level or below.


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Each section can be signed off by anyone, same as the LQ. It should be someone relevant to that section (so an expert in their chosen skill, etc) and the guidance does say that you're supposed to decide who you'll ask to sign as part of the plan. You'll need to track down an advisor eventually because once it's completely signed off the mentor will need to pass the book to them to pass on to HQ


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So if you find an expert in your chosen skill, how do they know what they're signing off that you've done? Do they only get the download on TSS website?

Do you submit evidence as well as the book to CHQ at the end or just the book?

The reason I'm asking is that one of the girls who is doing it has chosen some things to do which I think are either not challenging or do not quite fit the criteria. But it seems like the criteria are vague and no-one can definitively say "this is not enough"?


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See, you're supposed to submit your plan prior to starting to your QG advisor so that she can advise if what you're doing is ok... So for my skill I chose to improve my hand sewing skills. I wanted to do one project over the 12 months, but my advisor wanted me to show that I was learning new skills so I signed up to a sewing class and got the lady running it to sign it off.

At the end of mine I put together a scrapbook of evidence from all my clauses (and the scrapbook from my exploration) but after all that they only wanted the record book. Which I understand because it would be a lot to post there and back, but seemed a shame as I wanted to show off my adventures and hard work and I felt like the short paragraph from each assessor didn't seem to cover it... My mentor told me to save them to show off when I hold my celebration so at least I'll get to show them off there.

If you're not sure that what the girl has chosen is challenging enough then tell her so - bearing in mind that this is supposed to be the 'top challenge' it shouldn't be a case of doing enough to scrape by. Suggest some ways she could add to what she's already come up with - her community action for example. Instead of just writing a report on her findings or presenting to her friends, could she create a resource or challenge badge for others to use surrounding her subject which could raise funds for a cause?


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You see the problem is that what I think of what she's got planned doesn't really matter, I have no say in whether it's signed off or not. And saying something to her about me not thinking it's good enough will only damage relations. But I can make sure she has had it signed off by the right person who has knowledge of what's good enough. So I suppose the next step is find out who is actually the adviser and see if she has received the girl's plan. I just don't want to come across as interfering but I know everyone puts a lot of effort into their award and don't think this girl should be any exception.


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I think you do need to speak to your County QG or at least the SS advisor. As you say you and the candidate need to know what she has planned and is doing is sufficient otherwise there could be bad feeling all round.
It is better safe than sorry..


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In our county the county outdoor activities advised approves the plans for the exploration or expedition and signs off that section
The county queens guide adviser meets with them at the start and goes through their plan with them to ensure everything is covered

If you don't have a county advised maybe contact region