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question about guide law?


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I bit dispoint at movment as can't do child care bit fed up on next step crouse this year all again next year :( but had luck at browies guide Browine guide think other before herself does good turn ever day. Then wonder how can do good trun at college? then for some reson was look interent for guide law as write storys and put guides in but wait find out storys want call dyspraxia school as stoys but missoft won't let word dyspraxia on :( so change the storys but going back what think what is guide law this what find on interne:computer:t A Guide is loyal and can be trusted
A Guide is helpful
A Guide is polite and considerate
A Guide is friendly and a sister to all Guides
A Guide is kind to animals and respects all living things
A Guide is obedient
A Guide has courage and is cheerful in all difficulties
A Guide makes good use of her time
A Guide takes care of her possessions and those of others people
A Guide is self-controlled in all she thinks, says and does.
three guide law find hard at movment A Guide has courage and is cheerful in all difficulties not at movment dispoint can't do child care crouse till september 2009 A Guide is self-controlled in all she thinks, says and does she be lost at movment feel fed up do all dish wash and wash up but miss Eddie at was my dog still got Darcy and love her so much but when brig fake baby home part of child care crouse.


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Yzz, when you make your Guide Promise you promise to DO YOUR BEST to keep the Guide Law. From what you say, you're trying a lot harder than many other people to keep it, and you are doing fine!
Sorry to hear about your college course - sometimes we just have to wait to get what we want, but it seems like you want it really badly and I'm sure you'll get there in the end!


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Hi Yzz - sorry you are having a dissapointing time at teh minute. As Jayjay says - it is about doing your best. I can tell from all your posts on here how much you enjoy helping teh girls and want to do what you can for them... and that is all anyone asks!

We all have frustrations and get upset about things at times - that is only natural.

Don't worry too much and keep chatting to us when you have anything you want to discuss.


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Thank you for messageI try keep browies guide and guide law but won't be able join tefoild guild because meeting ever month 230pm and at college till 3.15pm :( just my luck all retide if no guide group for 35 years old part from unit-helper I still help Rainbow guides looking after 18 rainbow guides few will fly of browines soon to find brown owl I try help all Rainbow guides but how can make new Rainbow guides feel more welcome?


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make them feel welcome by giving them a big smile and saying hello i'm Yzz (or your rainbow name ) and if you need help just come and see me. then introduce her to someone if she doesnt know anyone.

smiling is infectious so try it more often.


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hi Yzz, I think that you are doing a brilliant job, you promised to do your best and I am always really impressed when I read your posts because I can see how hard you try to help your Rainbows. They are all really lucky to have a unit helper like you.

{{{big hugs}}}


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Thank you

Thank you very muchsorry not been on but busy do unit-helper website and picture book of Rainbow guides won't promies link I enjoy help Rainbow guides but now want help brownies guides as well Rainbow guides got my freeview box but football not work after paid for it so on monday angery phone call but can enjoy help out Rainbow guides as unit-helper but student are ask where Rainbow guides are there in penkin Rainbow guides and got grandma say Rainbow guides are browines I got one my grnadma say I should help Rainbow guides in church not schools.but church are locks nowdays.I be bit naughty this wek drink wine just want some red winebut got hayfrever not impossable always wine when look after dog and children of Rainbow guides and study go student rep meeting guider meeting in everning all want wish hurry I want my drink wine also babysitter as well. I try hard not drink wine but realy hard now because sit by some one in cafe drink wine no have pot tea please in end go have small bottle of wine no will power at all movment hayfrever no achole read at want ops but try best look after children this week will take 19 Rainbow guides to pool ball no swimming pool and just have coffee there but there pub there going be realy hard say no alcho always rule no alcho when look after dogs or children but do pubgo realy hard.


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wish could become brown owl in furture

I would like Brown owl if furture but know past Brown owl as grandma or parent with mothers going full time job so realy no one take Brown owl now as few guider 65 year have retide I good leaders I know good all give good addive in future.I know short of leader but am ready for next step up be assit-guider if nice look after other children and best bit return back parent have sure return back to right parent Male parents come look at him are safe for Rainbow Guides. so ask leader who man is one the parents ops not lonely on at one.:):party:I do Rainbow guides party I want be brown owl in furture but next step crouse should do exam today on Engish but 10am Darcy was chocking and deel with her if have gone cath 930am she chock on chew shore she would dead when return back 4pm she would dead on chocking so realy worry leave but ok now Darcy is eating it luck not rid of cold so could save her life for those members Darcy is my dog and love her thankful I was there this time. I now got find pet sitter now.
My mother think cannel internet use £55 paid for interent for £700 elaction bills
£35 pet sitter so see this family can't afford interent if do become assit-guider have going old fashion way for while till vet bill paid off own £35 in vet bill income support was £300 but want extra £20 and gone down £70 per weeks so can see why have cannel Internet soon
I would like say thank you very much for all help.I hope one day be brown owl let hope Rainbow guides unit don't close down soon.


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yzz if you are on income support you may be eligible to help from the pdsa (I doubt they will pay for what you've already spent but they might be able to help in the future.) Would you like me to find out more?
Does your college have a student councillor he/she may be able to tell you about all kinds of people who can help you. All the best.


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Hi all, Does gone for long walk think it won't post because said serrive busy Oh well I just take Darcy for long walk in minture going have cup tea and take for another walkes soon just wait for all those pit bull terrier go past first. Yes I think pdsa but oder post oder stupied post off ice women cross out put PSA would apect at now instead pdsa then got take health check only paid £6.45 which is bit better for internt look for cheep serrive not on landline I feel god must give reson for oversleep in today when college 10.15am oversleep 12noon question about Guide promies Today wonder If God was watch me and Darcy did send Angels watch Eddie my another dog rehome I ask myself if there God then fall sleep have childhood dream of become do browine guides promies it was old promies them rember said duty to god and queen and keep browines guides law but in adult world so hard keep the promies so yesterday write letter to god wonder if could get few awnser and awners indream I know in furture want be brown owl who what ever browines call leader now days But find myself I would like keep old tration from browines guides so what does brownies guides now use promies if toadshore not alwon can rember skip around toadshore with owl on top with sixer mum watch the promies but mum can't rember it I do. I rember fun have browines guides.guides different can't rember if did promies but did enrolled cefficate for guides but specail guides uniform was blue and black and wear blue neacker(if spell at right) I have fun guide hat look like sail hat. It was fun be browines,guides and Ranger guides beter school and college shh student rep did not say yes college student rep counial it me and also student rep think took bit too much on first year how new come end top posstivial at college hopeful next september might chose another student rep I have break.might think good student rep might have cary support crouse wehn secert fed up want move to child care crouse few meeting coming buty feel waste time put view forward mangerment never listern to feel at in guider meeting got student rep meeting and guider meeting both same day thankful not both on same day and same time want do if happon?can manger two meeting onsame day? yes still look after darcy I work placement next week not sure what been doing if cold not easy off might not going would love work with children but difficut at movment.I would love be leader help run browines guides but thought could do assit-guider of browines guides and unit-helper for rainbow guides but only two weeks 1 first weekness can't rember their names and second week act like child myself if promble become furture guider how can myself children level with act child myself easy said done third markton sign languae is promble don't feel confidece do sign lanuage with rainbow guides college said homework do with it but leader are have break from Rainbow guides.


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I got promble at college I see another group been bully another person usely male then another group bully girls but it not group but saw me move me "quick student counial student rep" what do think should do? There hit bags over the shoulder but promble is was not on college it was bus stop.any help please try watch teacher tv programme about bully sort out.
I got promble at college I see another group been bully another person usely male then another group bully girls but it not group but saw me move me "quick student counial student rep" what do think should do? There hit bags over the shoulder but promble is was not on college it was bus stop.any help please try watch teacher tv programme about bully sort out.
Hi yzz

I'm the Women's Officer for my college's student union and during our training we were advised that we can only deal with issues that happen on campus grounds. Anything that happens outside the gates is a matter for the non-college authorities.

If you feel strongly that this group of individuals needs dealt with, I'd recommend either speaking directly to the group they're targetting or to the person in charge of your student reps - perhaps they'd be willing to take it further.

Unfortunately, if its happening off campus grounds there's not much you can do I'm afraid!!


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Thank you for message but want saw its happening off campus grounds most at bus stop so noughting can do see another student bullying at bus stop by college bags. there student in art I sit in chair eat lurch and this another student pull me off chair and he sit there I have sit ops chair it happon ever student rep meeting this person wear greay coat and ginger hair he sit there with g/f hate go in art because meeting on thrid floor and lift never works and stairs are see through i left make own way to student rep I worry about this person what going happon me this student rep.
what this person is doing to you is bullying in its most blatant form. If you have a guidance tutor go and see them as soon as you can. If there's no joy there then go to the assistant head of the faculty and then the head of the faculty. If things aren't going well following this, go to the head of your student council and tell them you need their support. If they deny you this support then they are not doing their job properly!

If someone came to me with this problem, this is the course of action I'd advise them to take and if they wanted, I'd go with them.

Its not right for people to treat others like this and as soon as they realise it then we can all get on with things!!!!

Good luck!!!


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bad day at college
I been Bullying at staffor d colllege just because I am student rep told mum today she told me shurt up my trap up I feel don't want be student rep anymore I feel don't want going college anymore I not look forward for next year on september 2008 I rather give up child care because got face bullying in same group it male and want do child care I want work in Toddle group part one job because bus late give it too bully so all bullies got job as got caring person end up job I don't like end working another church in kitchen. Oh well want kitchen job in church got do with child care? You only do MOTER SAID BECAUSE SHE WORK oh can't aford pen "you must not break pen because poor alwon income support" "Our parent those income support lazy don't want job why paid for you and your dog on benfit in old days would hang for paid counial tax?" You charity case because on income support" Those in PER CARE " You caring all do sit talk you should not college if got caring in adult caring home. These want bully been do the day. I big told off turor say don't sneek figh bully because you student rep but sure at wrong way around? It bad day today at college not look forward return back college next week.
I realy feel not turn up student rep meeting make my point and don't feel going guider meeting I got brusie on leg worry what happon if Rainbow guides see them because bullying be hit on legs. Stupied doctor did not notice.


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Today got bullying by scout today not sure if could put on here but no other way can say this sometime learn about leader you have do risk so tell as it.

Today walk Darcy 8am this morning and got college on time unwise would thow off crouse today I came back from college walking Darcy and three school boys and said "heal to Darcy so bus could pass" "but one boy said be cruel to dog call me a spastic at realy hurt I think put DARCY put down I know promble Darcy need new dog cloin and lead but be on income support it was £100 now £90 I have save up I poor at movemnt if I was rich won't have promble sure all doglove would leve me alwon but want parent are teacher there children when call me spastic and retade at realy hurt sometime you wonder why you should keep guide promies with one boy be mean but be fair there one boy said leave her alonely. I felt never want walk Darcy again because dog love alwys mooding at movment what would you do?
It sometime think give up on guide promies but thought next step do cake stalls for dyspraxia.dylaxic and atusic for adult because reach 19 years old most astsic adult don't have any help at all and all want is friends I know what friends and job infurture.


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Darcy was good dog but find can't afford keep her and found myself too busy look after her I would love keep till 13 years old dog years but with bills gas,elecatily rise high most staffordshire are have downside to flaT under able look after dogs end up dog kennel at sad I do want go disneyland paris but cost be lot money but think need break only way can keep darcy is put £15 per week in bank I going have cannel dog trust and natiuon deef child as sposper those charitys but at end day Darcy come first. I want keep darcy my dog but want happon if can't afford vet bills?only can do having job then won't have time help Rainbow guides if have job and won't have time look after Darcy if have jobbut do want help browines guides and look after Darcy and help Rainbow guides not sure what do?It bit no dog day centre for darcy go too in day when going back to full time college. realy want go disneyland paris Darcy ill leg atmovment won't notice as still jump up all over me. I do want do unit-helper promies and become guider ofbrowines guide keep Darcy.


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Thank you all message I want discuss. somethings I dispoint can't do child care at movment but can do child care september 2009 In me time I have do next step crouse level3 but want worry me as day serrive use going as student end up teacher computers but also get computer frucation sometime specail lot white page learn now id can;t programme time for cup tea or coffee rofl on site white pages makefrucation use everning so drink three glass wine why wait for load lol. This week behard ill cold two week realy don't want go back to college not sure if should tell you but think foster child keep mind of Eddie as rehome Eddie miss him receive letter today eddie was my puppy letter said how time fly eddie need dog vaccination and letter did upset been going with Darcy why use walk with Eddie and try rember happy days with Eddie know with helping rainbow guides been student rep and counail student rep so too busy look after him he need more walkies then two day as can't do lurch walk as was in college.
I enjoy helping rainbow guides and better then college at movment realy want do childcare crouse I know going be hard need get Darcy use fake baby with baby sound so plan get crying doll so can get use the sound. I know have to wait beside some wish have work for but promble if do next step crouse level three and use teacher computer next level 1 and 2 not go appect me as student as ready see me as teacher.I deel with at promble in september 2008 I know might not be student rep because usely never next year. beside don't think was good student rep this year was ill with cold and flu but good coniacal student rep but won't be vote next year. I was ill with flu so could not go did not want be cough all over chocolate bar.
How did all become guider?
were you browines guides girl guide and Ranger guides?
Did some said old promies? I did dutry to god forgot rest lol use know of heart but new get to me now rofl.
Did some you get brown owl?
why is any guding after left ranger guides and young leader won't happon all those adult don't become guider?
do think guiding should do fomer ranger guides?as most teforild guilld only appect retived members, well off to cup tea.
talk to late.


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I decde keep Darcy she good dog I not go disneyland paris at movment should gone halfterm but was ill with cold for two weeks hope get better by monday.