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Rainbow Badge I don't recognise?


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not seen the rainbow PILOT badge before? Presumably its an official gguk badge? Does anyone know what it was issued for?

and yes, playing with the new forum gizmo again! lol


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Perhaps it's a new interest badge for Rainbows who have completed a course in piloting an aircraft LOL ;)
clauses to include:
landing in a strong cross wind
navigating to destination using a map and compass
and engine maintenance


The Wicked Witch of the West (15,000+ posts)
and don't forget the other clauses:

- being able to know where dust clouds are!
- being able to make the contents of your suitcase last an additional week just in case dust clouds delay your flight!

the fact that listed with the old birthday badge (sure that is what the little circle badge was?), makes me wonder if quite old? dating to 19 something?
if i remember right they were piloting the round a bout.
Yes, that's right! They were piloting the Roundabout for which Rainbows now need to complete any four items in the Roundabout books, of which there are currently four different ones with numerous ideas to choose from, which the Rainbows choose themselves. On completion, they are given a Jigsaw badge. The other small round badge is a Rainbow Birthday badge, given when the Rainbow had been in the unit a year. This badge is now obsolete. A great shame - I think this should be brought back with a second one available as girls can be Rainbows for up to 2 1/2 years. I also think the Brownie Birthday badges should be brought back or, why not even the Service Stars!!! Now that would be better still and should be for ALL sections!


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so presumably only units "chosen" to pilot the new roundabouts would have got the badge? so the badge must be quite rare?
I think anyone could have applied to do the pilot - I know it was in guiding. I didnt volunteer my unit as at the time my mum was in hospital having had a massive stroke and I had had to move in with my dad to look after him and he couldnt be left for more than 2 hours at a time so I was struggling to keep rainbows going as it was. I dont know if there was a limit on the number of units that could do it.


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We got the piloting badges (Brownies and Rainbows). It was for testing out ideas for the new programme before it was launched.

Yes, when I talked about it some of my Brownies DID think I was taking them up in a plane!