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Rainbow sleepover

We are thinking about having our first Rainbow sleepover at our Guide Hall. I have looked at the guidance on Girlguiding and note that it says "Lilos and sun loungers are not to be used as beds". What sort of beds do you use for Rainbow sleepovers?


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Although I've never done a Rainbow Sleepover we do Indoor Residentials as well as camps with Guides. Indoors our girls normally use air beds or sleeping mats (mats aren't particularly comfortable on a wooden floor) one does use a camp bed.
Sun loungers are too unstable to be used as beds and limos are really only for the beach, not meant for sleeping on.
Lilos are those flimsy things you use for the beach and can pop when bounced on! They are also ver slippery!! Proper flock air beds are better. Sun loungers can tip over very easily. There are lots of different camp beds available that are much more stable. We used to use those camp beds that look a bit like stretchers and have four legs you press in. They are quite cheap to buy or you could ask other Brownie and Guide units if they have some you could borrow. Self inflating or ordinary foam roll mats are an option but they are not so comfortable. A lot of little girls have those inflatable beds with the built in sleeping bags. They should be ok for indoors. Have fun!

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Just be careful with airbeds and consider a) who will be pumping up 15 - 20 airbeds and b) who will comfort the child when one deflates suddenly or in the night...
Foam camping mats should be fine and starts them off on the right foot for 'proper camping' when they are a Brownie or a Guide..


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I would say roll mats/camping mats too. They are cheap and so affordable for all, and as Quack says can be used later on when camping too. My Guide leader friend has banned air beds on her indoor sleepovers as they are so noisy when a girl rolls over on them!
We used to say inflatable mattresses or roll mats. Now we encourage roll mats as, even with an electric pump, it takes ages to get all the mattresses pumped up! The girls are only little and tend not to find the mats uncomfortable.
Good luck.