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Rainbows and Badges

Our Rainbows have lots of fun and enjoy working towards their badges - the highlight being of course the meeting when they are actually awarded them. The disappointing thing is that for some of them - that's the last time we see the badge !! Some of them do have them sewn onto their polo shirts but in some cases they "get lost at home". We even find that many of the Rainbows don't wear their Promise badges either as Mummy takes them off the uniform to wash and it never gets put back on again.
I find this all very frustrating. It would be great if they could have a sash like the Brownies do. Would love to hear if other Leaders have this problem and if there are any easy answer. Help please !!


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I think this a problem that many of us have. There will always be some who never seem to wear Promise badges & whose sew on badges are never sewn on! Ours also love being awarded badges & we try to refer to badges particularly when we have new girls starting. I ask which girls would like to point out their Promise badges & if girls can point to a sewn on badge & remember what they did to earn it. Usually then Flossie(s) will say oh my mum hasn't sewn mine on or I've lost mine. At this point I tell them if they can't find it they can have another but it will cost them a pound!! A few mums do come in with money to replace, but we do try to refer to the badges frequently. As to sashes I'm not in favour, as I know how many of our Brownies just don't wear them to meetings & the ones that do usually discard them within 5 minutes as they just don't stay on & do get in the way :)


I would be wary of sashes, simply because they aren't always very good at staying on the shoulder, and often end up wrapped around the ankles . . .


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We have the same problem although one mum did ask if there is a special place she needs to sew it so maybe that's the problem....or maybe people just don't 'sew' anymore. My DD had a sash in brownies and it was always slipping down so I wouldn't recommend them for even younger girls.