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Question? Rainbows Sundown Adventure Land


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we are taking our rainbow unit to sundown adventure land and to boost numbers have opened it up to the brownie unit that most of the girls move into. It will be an exciting trip as we are going close to Christmas and are going to visit Santa.

We went last year as part of the division and are now going alone!

I know the park and have booked the coach! Should I charge some leaders for their tickets as they are not normally part of the unit?

Also should I be asking a brownie leader to come as she will know the brownies better. I had already planned the amount of leaders so would have been within the ratios with or without extra help!

Thoughts and Ideas on the trip and questions would be helpful also should I let the girls have a big choice on the day or just plan it and tell them what we are going to do?


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I would ask brownie leaders to go as some of the girls might feel more comfortable with leaders they know if leaders pay they can take it out of funds
I do not know what sundown is bit if it is a theme park you could either put so many girls with a leader and they all go around together or if you want to all go as a unit I would just plan it and tell everyone where they are going as all girls will want to go on different things
have a good day


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if you struggle to get any brownies to sign up then i would ask for a brownie leader but if they sign up anyway i would just make sure the parents know there are no brownie leaders going but rainbow leaders who they are mainly familiar with.
unless the brownies wish to be with friends/sisters i would put them together in a group with 2 adults , at least 1 which they know from rainbows and then let them decide on the day how to go round the park, they can take it in turns to choose what they do next with help from the adults to realise to choose things near each other rather than walk backwards and forwards around park.
i would divide rainbows amongst the adults so each adult has a few to look after rather than everyone trying to watch them all, have a suggested route and start off together, if necessary each group can deviate from the plan if it doesnt work on the day eg lots of waiting for each other.
i wouldnt ask adults to pay that are needed to help, if extra adults ask to come i would say yes but as they are not needed for rarios they will have to pay.


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Parents are often far happier if the leader of the section their girls are in, is attending an event, otherwise it almost feels like they are sending them off with strangers, unless they have all been Rainbows previously


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most of the girls that will come have met me before as I help with the brownie unit when they are short of leaders and also many of them will have just moved up from rainbows with us anyway.