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Rainy Days

So this month will mark the first time my Guides are going camping.

I have a concern with what to do for a rainy day though. We have no hall on site, but we do have a mess tent. I don't want to risk the camp being a wash out and girls being bored and not enjoying their time away.

What are your rainy day activities for camp? They would need to be cheap enough that they don't eat into the budget and won't matter if we don't do them.


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colouring, wordsearch, sudoku. Friendship bracelets (just need cardboard circles and wool or thread) - keeps them occupied for hours!


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Wellies and raincoats on and out of the tents?

Exploring in the rain
Seeing if they can see different types of animals that might come out in the rain (You might be able to find some sort of worksheet/information sheet that could be printed and kept in a file 'just in case'
Face painting with mud? ;)
Invent their own Rain dances in their patrols?
If you know it's going to be a wet weekend, could you make rain gauges and all have a guess on how much rain will fall during the weekend? (Could be a small prize at the end!)

Then hot chocolate to warm them up after they've dried off.


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We try to carry on regardless as far as possible but we may use gas cookers rather than open fires for patrol cooking.
If it is torrential then we have things like friendship bracelets etc but we may improvise too and ask them to make up a campfire sketch, or rewrite a song about camp ( some have become part of the fabric of our campfires), we may even have a campfire singing session...

Generally we would make the camp just as much camp in the rain as if it wasn't...I don't ever remember any Guide not enjoying it because of the rain, you just have to be flexible with your programme. We moved days out so we went off site to a local museum one day, we've been swimming on the 'wrong' day to fit in with the weather. One of the best improvised activities was a giant 'follow my leader' over the assault course as we zipped all the raincoats together ( with YKK zips) and it was great, we found spares for the girls who didn't have them.

Just remember the rules for camping in the wet ( keep sleeping tents and bedding dry) - anyone can camp in the sun but a camper can camp in any weather..


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Adapt the programme if you can but keep the girls going out and about, not in the tents.
Check the inexperienced campers' kit yourself (I had one who was too embarrassed to admit her sleeping bag was wet, even though we had some spare she could have borrowed).
Provide copious hot drinks and food (maybe more carbs than you had originally planned).
Introduce them to games which include everyone (not just 2 to 4 players) -- ours adore Werewolf, especially at twilight!