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Recruiting girls


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Both of my Rainbows and Brownies could do with getting more girls into the units. Any ideas please?

I did letters into the main school that we get girls from in September which resulted in a few girls who joined the Rainbows. One interested parent for Brownies (who never turned up).

Some of the Rainbows who started have left due to various reasons (it wasn't for them, right time, parents hours changing, personality clash etc.).

Had no new Brownies for a while. Last year I tried an open evening (with no joy what so ever) as well as a bring a friend.

Any ideas of what to do, I've put on my Facebook wall that both the units have spaces after the Easter holidays and also in a couple of the for sale groups/what's on locally. (Just said that there were spaces available after the holidays and didn't state location and/or times, just the unit names).

I'm thinking of having a parents meeting and seeing if they'll help recruit for me.

Thanks in advance.


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Get your girls out & about so people see them. bag packing is good, though just having a stall at school, church fetes helps. As do just going for walks outings/litter picks/visiting retirement homes etc in community. also getting girls pictures/what they are doing in the paper. If girls are doing a lot that they enjoy & have choosen they also tell classmates/friends who then also want to join.


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I have deleted the almost duplicate thread you posted and kept this one here.


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Have you tried putting a note in local magazines, church notices etc. Posters on noticeboards, in local shop windows, doctors surgeries etc? We have asked local schools to include our details in their newsletters and that has worked well

anything that raises the profile of your Unit locally will work :)


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Do you have any other schools relatively nearby? We have loads of private schools in the local area, and these tend to get forgotten when people do recruitment, but often the parents are really keen.

Could you speak to other local clubs to see if they can advertise for you? Our local cubs handed out leaflets for our Rainbow unit and we got a couple of a Rainbows through that.

What about getting a load of leaflets printed and taking the girls out on a leaflet drop around the local area (it obviously depends on what your area is like as to whether this is doable)?

Are any of your leaders able to stand outside school gates to hand out leaflets? We got permission from the local schools to do this, so one of our leaders went in her uniform and spoke to parents. We got loads of girls through this route as the parents were able to chat to her and find out more about it.


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I put a letter through the school advertising the units that overlooks the meeting place in September. Normally get very few responses, but did a bit better this time round with a couple of girls.

I am planning to do a bring a friend night next term. Also do first meeting free.

I will redo some posters and get them put up locally around shops and anywhere that will put them up.

Might advertise locally a free try out for new girls. Post on my Facebook wall and a couple of relevant local Facebook groups (of course with minimal information, but say to contact me for more information.


What can also be really valuable - is some publicity telling people what you actually do. A large proportion of the public either have wrong impressions of what we do (knitting, parades, fundraising and not a lot else), or no idea - can you take some steps to inform the public in your area of what you have to offer?


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also have a look at what other activities are on offer in the area at the same time as you, if you are competing with the only dance class and only karate class but there are other nights for brownies then you may find the girls will go to one of the other activities and choose a different brownies as that way they can do both activities

its a good time of year to ask to do a stall at school especially if you say you will donate any money to the school or that you will do a free activity to keep people at the fair and spending longer. having brownies in uniform really helps


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Quick update. I had a bring a friend night this week with both my Rainbows and Brownies. Unfortunately several girls were missing from both units, as they were away on holiday. On the upside I had one friend in Rainbows and another requested, via a current girl's Mum (who is also a childminder) for second girl to join when she turns 5 next month. So quite happy that I've got quite a few new girls this term.

Just need to work on increasing my Brownie numbers. A couple of my Brownies asked if they could bring a friend another night and I said yes they could. So hopefully we'll get some more girls into Brownies.

I'm thinking about whether to have an open evening after half term and/or doing one in September.