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Recruitment & Retention

Help....I'm a joint leader and our unit has had nearly 10 girls leave this year and I've just had an email from a parent saying their child was also not coming back. I'm trying to get feedback from them to find out why, but they only seem to leave when there is a problem/issue and not let us know what the problem is so we can sort it. Apart from becoming a mind reader, any suggestions about what we do next? Big recruitment drive springs to mind! Any ideas?


Firstly, ask around - maybe a new group has opened up on the same day/time as you meet, forcing the girls to choose which one to belong to?
Secondly - have a look at your programme - is it still exciting and varied, with lots of the things the girls have asked to do - or have you started to get in a rut or do similar things too often?
Thirdly - look at recruitment - if you are in one of the older sections, are you in regular touch with the feeder units, do you regularly offer to visit the units to discuss transition with the older girls, or just to help with outings and activities so you are a familiar face, and moving up isn't so scary - or if you work with Rainbows, have you taken steps to get your unit known in the community, so parents think to get their girls onto your waiting list in good time?
Thanks for your reply Fenris. I know a couple of girls left because of other commitments on the same night (fair enough).

I think the programme needs to be changed, but I'm not quite sure how. I need to see a great brownie pack in action for some ideas to see where we could improve.

We don't have a feeder Rainbows where we are. We are trying to introduce some transition stuff...work in progress. I'm also hoping to get the girls out into the community. It seems this is where guiding is falling down generally in my area. The Scouts on the other hand are quite the opposite.