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Urgent! References?


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I currently guide with the equivalent of Brownies in an Irish organisation seperate from Girlguiding UK.

Recently, I have contacted Girlguiding UK with a view to getting involved in one of their Units also. I have been to visit the unit on 2 occassions and have expressed interest at getting involved as a Unit Helper.

I have been asked to provide two references and was wondering who would be suitable? I was thinking about work, and another youth group I used to volunteer for through church a few years ago. Would this be sufficient?

I dont want my current unit to be aware of this just yet hence why I dont want to put them down as a reference. Its something I want to keep relatively quiet until I see if it works out for me this time round (I did a second unit before however that unit just wasnt for me!)

Any advice on references would be much appreciated. :D


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Sounds absolutely fine, I think they prefer non-guiding people anyway as their rules are that only one of the 2 referees can be from Guiding (I did my registration last week and I used the Guider of the unit I'm helping at who I was also a Guide and YL with, and my manager from my last job, that seemed OK)