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Remembrance Day activities


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Ideas for remembrance day could include
Paper poppy wreaths
Teaching girls the meaning of the poppy and how they are made
Do a mins silence, but girls sit down when they think a min is up. At the end say who was closest.
give the girls rations and they have to work out what they can buy for the evening for their activity.


You could look at children's experience in war - so at evacuation, at food rationing, at period games they would have played (skipping rhymes, ball rhymes, hopscotch/peever, etc).
Here's a quiz that we do. I run it a bit like the old game Runaround (if you're old enough to remember that!). I pin up sheets A,B,C & D around the room and for each question the children run to the answer they think is correct then they run back to the starting point.

You could run it how you liked - with them sat writing the answers or by elimination so there's a winner.


There is a Poppy Challenge in the downloads area. My brownies did this last year, and enjoyed this, and hopefully learnt something about what happened during the wars. Also some of the money paid for the badges goes to the British Legion.
There is a free pack from the Royal British Legion its free it comes with posters 2 dvds and a book covers key stage 1-4. I ordered it and it came 48 hours after order. It can be found at www.britishlegion.org.uk click on remembrance and then click on schools and learning then click on learning resources and scroll down to how to order a pack