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Official Info: Saturday Night!


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So, here’s the thread you’ve all been waiting for! Following on with the tradition of other G2Gs, Saturday night will be a party type event! And, we have a theme for fancy dress!
The theme for the fancy dress (If you wish to dress up) will be ‘Yorkshire Characters!’ The outfits can be as simple, or as complex as you like! Let’s get really inventive… I know what you lot are like!

To give you some ideas, here’s a list of loads of people from Yorkshire, they might be able to give you some inspiration!

As usual, please don’t hesitate to PM any of us with questions or queries you might have!!


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Will the G2G tradition of a camp fire be happening??? Since I think this is the one thing that has happened at every g2g since they began?


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BW tend to have an organised campfire on the Saturday night.

When I've been there with Rangers we've always had an alter fire and had our own campfire too, though till a lot later

I really liked it at G2G4 when we had both the campfire going still and evening entertainment inside - meant you could go to whichever you preferred... or keep moving between teh two


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As Jenn said, G2G4 was nice where we could just sit and talk round the campfire....that was the first time I had sat at a fire all night and watched it die down...


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Not G2G6 - though 'twas all a bit wet, to be fair!
I bet it was! Prob not as wet as I was on the Friday of that weekend though! Not the best of weather to have to get on a boat!

*sigh* must go back soon :(


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I'm glad you posted a link because my knowledge of Yorkshire and people from Yorkshire is absolutely nil. I could only maybe name two cities within Yorkshire - York, obviously and Hull I think?? And I think William Wallace invaded York at some point, but maybe that was only in the film? That's about all I know!!! :confused: :)