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Happy Birthday!

Really sorry, i keep forgetting about you since i have a FB account! BUT you are still VERY useful and valuable and i have been able to pass on a challenge badge i found on FB via PM on here, i do check in from time to time, but not as often as I did. I will try to look in more often, and hope others do too. Thank you very much for being here.


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Happy Birthday Guiders!! It has evolved over the years and other sites and social media have come and gone but the friendship and mutual support of the site remains...and long may it continue


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It's 10 years old today! We will have to make a commemorative badge!

A decade ago FB was in it's early stages and used only for relationships. Social Media was in it's infancy so there was certainly a lot of fear about its openness however I think the majority of people have come around to see how useful it is. Talking to one another and sharing has to be a good thing. We also had quite a lot of get-to-gethers over the years which were fantastic. I've very fond memories of the Welsh one! The forum's even had the occasional wedding!

The forum has always had to adapt to how users want to use it and over the next 10 years I'm sure it'll change quite a bit more, discussions have become more specific due to chat moving over to facebook which is great for instant communications but not so much for keeping track of useful information. We do have a closed facebook group set up if people want to use it for more informal chat, which can be found at facebook.com/groups/guidersforum. I think on top of being able to easily group useful conversations and information our resources area is probably the major strength of the forum and so I can see that continuing very strongly.

Thanks to everyone who's contributed over the years and long may it continue. We are just shy of 1 million posts and 30,000 members!