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Sixers and seconders


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Hello all!

I have a conundrum, just getting together my who's who for next term with some new girls starting and a few leaving at summer. Having graduated my seconders up to sixers, which they are ready for, I am then looking at my other girls to who can fill the seconder places. One girl I am happy to have as a seconder, but having a tiny Pack (of 9, many of which are very new) there are two girls left to choose from. One is only just a Brownie, having turned 7 in January, the other will be leaving Brownies by next summer. The older girl is most certainly not ready to be a seconder, quite often rude and desperate to do her own thing most evenings, even when there have been thorough plans for the night, which all the girls have had input into. I have tried talking to her parents about her behaviour but don't seem to get anywhere, in any other matter they are quite forthcoming and helpful.

What would you suggest I should do with regards to appointing a Seconder? I only have 2 sixes and have placed easily 2 sixers and 1 seconder, just stuck what to do about this other spot.

We are a small group as I am the current sole leader, with a parent helper rota. However, I have just gained a new helper so may be able to take more girls on if she decides to stay.

Many thanks for reading this, would love to have it resolved before September.


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With so small a group I'd probably not bother with seconders - you end up with half or more of the group in leadership roles?

Maybe worth considering until numbers grow?


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Perhaps appoint sixers at the start of term and wait a little while to appoint seconders? Tell the girls that you're looking out for brownies to fill the role and explain what you're looking for, and hope that either wanting to be a seconder is the nudge the older girl needs to step up her behaviour or that having a little bit of extra time gives the younger one a chance to settle in to being one of the "older" ones (i.e. nolonger a newbie!) and take on more responsibility?


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We didn't have seconds in all our Sixes last term, we just didn't have anyone suitable. We explained this (I think we had 3 out of 5 Sixes without Seconds) but we've 'promoted' some girls during the term based on their attitudes :)


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We had a six without a second for nearly two terms last year after one dropped out and there was no suitable alternative, as it would have been a choice of all new starters. We looked at three potential candidates for September and have chosen one who should do an excellent job.


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Thank you, I shall have my Sixers and let them know that I'll be looking to promote a couple up, hopefully by October half term I may have seconders, not that I'll give them a time frame just have it in my head. We are having new sixes too, I'm allowing my Sixers to choose what groups they'll be. . . a number of years ago I allowed my Sixers to and now anyone new who comes understands what a Sprite is but not a Gillie-Dhu, thought with the new programme it will fit nicely. Really appreciate all your advice, thank you :)