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where abouts are you, can you afford travel etc? what section is this for?

You could try sealife centre perhaps or any local village halls. We go to our local guiding campsite sometimes. there are a couple of local windmills you could try them or how about any local zoos.

museums in hull you could try or even ones in your local town.

I think I heard that railway museum in York did sleepovers but I could have imagined that. there is also the castle museum there, the jorvik was badly flooded though so you couldn't try them.


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Have you considered other sorts of challenges ? Does it have to be a sleepover somewhere 'different' ?

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Our best sleepovers recently were ...

Kirkbymoorside village hall including day trip to Flamingoland with talk from keeper and handling session then guided tour of zoo then free time on rides then tea in cafe then work on friend to animals badge all for cost of usual admission to park!

Clifton Methodist Church in York only asks for a donation then there are free / cheap / group rates to walk to and we had tea in McDonald's where they catered for our group perfectly.

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