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So excited and nervous!


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I am dead excited!
I am in work until one and then I get the 2pm bus to London baby!!!
I have a giant rucksack next to me with wings attatched to the front!

I am excited to meet you all and dead nervous that you will either think I am mad!...or you all wont understand a word I say! (I sound like fenella the witch from chorlton and the wheelies...but speeded up!)


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Me too Dizzy, we are just going for the fresh fruit then off to collect Jellycan at 11am so we will be off by 10am for timing. Only thing I don't have is some indoor shoes as I can only wear my sandals because of my feet at present.

See you all soon.

Nona :)


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Have a good journey everyone!!!!!
Just to make you all feel good. I have got the most stupidly busy day ahead, I am not packed and my train doesn't leave till 6pm.
Shall be seeing you around half 10 - no idea what state i'll be in by then though!




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Just to say Have a safe journey everyone and i'm sure you will all have a fab time. I might make it to one maybe next time, as it sounds like you have fun, fun, fun.

Enjoy, Tx


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seems like I have one of the shortest journeys cos I am not even pack yet! I'm gonna leave in about 2 hours! I need to go to CHQ to pick up some badges, so I migth bump into the Crystal Palace lot there!! I'm aiming to get to the site about 5:30ish!


have a great weekend ladies wont tell you to behave as i know what you are like from previouse experience have one or two beverages for me