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Information: Songs for an 'inexperienced' group


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i have just joined a unit, the leader has asked me if i could introduce some campfire songs to the guide, and she knows I know a lot!

She warns me that this group has never done any campfire songs of any sort before. and I was wondering which were the best ones to start with. I was thinking possibly The Princess Pat and Oh you will never get to heaven, as they are good simple call and repeat ones!

I did think of thunderation as it is quite simple but to start of with we will have part of a meeting set aside (ie. we wont be doing it around a campfire) so the girls might get a bit bored after a few verses!

but does anyone have any others they think will be good to start with?


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Something with actions that change but the words don't. Some moving around ones like singing in the rain or sausage song. Vuni Vuni vun and flea fly go down well as well as the repeat after me ones. Dontt forget to teach them the chorus style bits so they can join in easily.

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These are ones my Brownies like - maybe a bit young for Guides but might be of some use if they know none at all

omni omni wah
say Boom
crazy moose
I'm alive awake alert enthusiastic
50 years on an iceberg


Best things to start with are songs to well-known tunes - so things like 'Cuddly Koalas' to Frere Jacques.

Call and repeat can be good, but it's wise to have one of the Leaders primed to lead the repeat, so the girls pick up on the idea of when it's your turn and when it's theirs.

Action songs and singing games generally work better than songs which they 'just sit and sing' - once they've got a few songs then you can start to slip in some of the songs you'd like them to learn.

Try to get some idea of what songs they already know - what have they sung at school lately - that will give you an idea of what they know, and you'll be able to pick up on whether they are enthused about singing by it or not.


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My brownies love ones that are slightly gross or violent such as bumblebee or peanut! Bullfrog is a fun game but you have to make sure those that are out still carry on singing.


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Songs like London's Burning and Pizza Hut they may already know. Songs that don't change much from verse to verse are good too, e.g. baby bumble bee and the day I went to sea.


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I'd suggest you get the Let's hear it for music resource and CD as it has words and music in the book and with the CD you don't have to be an expert to introduce the music to your group.


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My guides (all quite young) enjoyed Thunderation, especially being challenged to shout as loud as they could lol!


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repeat after me songs are quite easy to pick up like "everywhere we go" "I say a boom, rockachicka, rockachicka boom" (or something like that?)

and ones where a word/phrase is taken out each time like "forty years on an iceburg" or "bingo" or "my bonnie lies over the ocean"

and songs where each verse is very similar are usually very easy to pick up so "alice the camel" and "ten in the bed" and "pizza hut"

if group doesn't know many songs, I'd just try and introduce a new one each meeting and perhaps sing an old one rotated round so they don't forget the ones they've learned and before you know it they'll have quite a repertoire to fall back upon.


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My girls love action songs with repeating phrases, which as a bonus are great for recruiting new members as they like to sing them at school!

Favourites are:
~ The Muffin Man
~ Funky Chicken
~ Alive, Alert, Awake
~ Ain't no Flies on Us
~ Bananas of the World Unite


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I loved as a brownie, and all my girls still do, Old Lady Leary (or Lirry, depends on who you're talking to) and the Shark one, lots of actions and very repetitive. With Baby Shark, Mummy Shark, Granny Shark, Daddy Shark ect.


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The other thing I would do when teaching new songs to young ones, or those who are getting a bit board, is to just teach them the first verse or two - they can always learn the rest later, and it is better to have a variety of songs, rather then one long one. And if they are ever at a bigger campfire and someone starts leading into verses they don't know, they will be able to catch on pretty quick.