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Sorry if i made you sick


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You know how i disappeared to spew for friday night and most of saturday, well apparently it was the start of a very naarsty (sic. spelling on purpose so you know how it should be said, rhymes with bath you see) bronchial viral infection.

So i'm very very very sorry if i have unwittingly passed it to any of you ladies, but if you get a swollen tongue (the part in your throat not the part n your mouth), vomitting and then a cough combined with spitting dark green, brown or black phlegm, MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM ME!



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Awe gadget tuff times. I think this thing is going around though, I know of many a person who has had a nasty chest thing me included! My mate has just got back from cambridge and she said her friend who stays there and half his pals have had it! It is pretty rank :O


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Oh no, I thought you just had this lurgy that's doing the rounds. That sounds vile gadget. I hope you start to feel better soon.



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I'm also sorry for anything that I have passes on. to anyone ith my hacking. Have been sleeping with all the pillows in the flat. and feeling like my guts are in my throat from all the reaching.
ohh hope you are better soon gadget, you need to be for next week!

I went home sunday with a migraine so its turns out! Head was banging by the time i got in, went straight to bed, woke up at 5 then went to bed again! Woke up at 00:00 was sick then went back to bed.

Went to work monday morning and then did a repeat performance on monday night of sunday night (but worse) had to miss guides cos of it!
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Sorry to hear you're all still feeling rough. I don't seem to have picked up anything, but I'm still really really tired! Didn't go to Brownies last night, just didn't have the energy.


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naarsty (sic. spelling on purpose so you know how it should be said, rhymes with bath you see)
perfect gadge!!!!!!!!!!!! WEll said!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Huggles though - hope you get better this week cos it wouldn't look pretty in the wedding pics and video!!!


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well just got back from GP yep has taken me that long to go I'm been signed off with a cheast infection! 1st one in 4years!!!


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I'm still really tired as well, though I have stopped coughing FINALLY! I think the fresh air helped. Still a bit dizzy and weak at times, but better overall. I am getting my appetite back though - yeah!!!


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I've now got a sinus infection, Monday I dragged myself to college and then a job interview and yesterday I had college and then a Brownie 4 session.
By last night I felt awful so went to the docs this morning!


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It turns out I have a bronchial infection, now on 500mg of amoxycillin and had to go up to the hospital for oxygen therapy because it was setting my asthma off :(


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Ooh how many horse pills are you having a day Gadg? We're tablet twins atm hun.

Joint lurgy huggles xxx